A.T.E. offers effective solution for API effluent treatment


A.T.E. offers effective solution for API effluent treatment

A.T.E. Envirotech, an A.T.E. group company, has established a sustainable new approach for the effective treatment of effluent of API (Active Pharma Ingredients) units. Effluent treatment has long been a formidable challenge for the rapidly growing API industry.

Typically, the wastewater from API units contains variety of chemicals, many of which are also known to be refractory (or difficult to biodegrade). Also the product mix of these pharma units changes frequently, hence the wastewater chemical characteristics also vary significantly over time. It has been a challenge to the industry to ensure that the treated effluent not only meets the norms but is also suitable for recycle in process and non-process uses.

Aerobic biological processes have been used conventionally as a second stage treatment, along with physico chemical primary and/or tertiary stage. There have been rare instances of use of anaerobic treatment processes as well for treatment of API wastewater. However, many such installations were having operational problems, which led to a rethink on the suitability of anaerobic biological processes for treatment of API effluents.
As a result of continuous R&D over the last several years, A.T.E. Envirotech Private Limited, an A.T.E. group company, has successfully developed solution using anaerobic + aerobic biological treatment for effective treatment of API effluent. The company has already successfully executed full-fledged ETP based on anaerobic + aerobic biological treatment for various API units in India.

Following are the advantages of this unique solution for API effluent :

  • Reduces over 40% COD (Chemical Oxygen Demand) in anaerobic stage thus reducing the power consumption for aerobic treatment
  • Improves biodegradability of COD entering aeration tank thus getting lower residual COD at the outlet of ETP
  • Overall more than 90% reduction in COD
  • Good amount of biogas generation which can be utilized in the factory
  • Approx. 25 – 30% reduction in sludge generation.

The API industry in India can now save significantly with this successful solution developed by A.T.E.!


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