Alka Joshi, Director Marketing, Prolite Autoglo Ltd

Nomination for SHE (Rediscovering The Real Woman In You) - Best Woman In Manufacturing Award For Women Empowerment


Personal Profile / Bio-sketch:

I hail from a family with a defence background from Punjab. I had keen interest in the business and joined Prolite Autoglo to help the company in growing the business. As a lady in the male dominated marketing segment, I had to face many challenges. But I kept on at it and soon began to understand the work involved and by and by, I was able to earn my rightful place. Today, I am a full-time entrepreneur and businesswoman in my own right and I am pretty satisfied with my journey and resolve to never look back.

Professional Achievements:

As I said, I had to balance everyday household commitments along with my resolve to nurture the growth of the company. I believed I was more than up to the task and the company’s magnificent profile today, stands testimony to my success. I managed to elicit positive responses in the market space for Prolite and the results began to come in by way of contracts and orders. Prolite today, has a robust corporate presence in the market and in fact, is a market leader in its segment and I am happy to be a contributing factor to its success story.

A Brief Account of your contribution to your organization, helping it excel in its chosen sphere:

I took up the tough task of marketing at the very outset, and got my first major breakthrough in 1987 in the shape of an order from the CBI, India’s prime investigating body. There was no looking back thereon, and when I secured a Pan India business contract with beverage giant Coca Cola I knew that I had opened the floodgates. The momentum built excellently and the company penned a deal with ITPL (International technology Park) and Prolite found a pride of place in their international vendor list.

Social Activities / CSR initiatives, if any, with Achievements:

We do justice to corporate responsibilities side by side with business. We help people directly and peripherally connected to us to economically & physically achieve their personal goals inside and outside the business sphere. We help nurture individual talent and groom people to shine. In Wada taluka, we have taken the initiative of teaching the tribals to adopt different trades like making lights & signages and the results are pleasing indeed. Today, many Wada taluka people are staying in concrete houses replacing their mud houses and are riding their own two wheelers or four wheelers too.

How do you balance your work, home and leisure:

My family comes first. I had to balance household duties as a mother and a housewife along with my work as a Director in Prolite Autoglo at the same time, and it was not an easy task. I like venturing into new projects and never miss the chance to go on to the field for work. I also like spending time in Wada where we have our manufacturing unit, so I often visit there for work.

Favorite Hobbies:

I am conscious of my health and I pursue hobbies like music and travelling. I enjoy Yoga and walking daily is a habit with me. I find the time to visit friends and family too notwithstanding my busy schedule.

Your Passion and Goal:

My goal now is to see Prolite right up there at number one spot. As a company that has been awarded for innovation on two occasions, my company is never afraid to push boundaries to create newer and better products keeping pace with changing times.

Beliefs & Values:

What I have learnt is that nothing comes free and there is no short cut to success. But it is also true that sincere hard work and commitment never goes unrewarded. The secret of success, I believe, is to keep at it and not get defeated no matter how many hurdles come in your path. Always do your best, what you plant today will surely bear fruit tomorrow.

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