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Nomination for Industry Award – Best Innovative Products In Machine Vision Technology


Cognex Sensors India Pvt Ltd

Industry Segment : Machine Vision/Industrial Automation

Nomination for : Industry Award – Best Innovative Products In Machine Vision Technology

Best Innovation

We proudly nominate the IS2800 Cognex Product for the Most Innovative Product Award. The In-Sight 2800 vision system combines AI technology and traditional vision tools to transform inspection applications. It offers an easy-to-deploy solution for error-proofing tasks, from simple presence/absence detection to complex categorization and sorting.

With its intuitive EasyBuilder interface, users of all levels can develop applications quickly and efficiently. The system’s deep learning capabilities and traditional tools provide unmatched flexibility, allowing operators to select the most accurate tool and chain them for complex logic sequences.

The toolset includes ViDi EL Classify, which can classify defects and identify parts with variation using only five images. This single vision solution can handle multiple tasks by leveraging its ability to classify based on multiple features.

The In-Sight 2800 system is highly versatile, with applications such as gear type classification, scoop presence/absence inspection, label defect inspection, and connector insertion check. It also offers various accessories and field-changeable components for easy adaptation to part changes, line speeds, and quality standards.

In summary, the IS2800 Cognex Product is an exceptional innovation in machine vision, deserving of the Most Innovative Product Award due to its integration of AI technology, traditional vision tools, and user-friendly interface.

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