Compacting your way toward a greener tomorrow


Recycling is great for the environment, but it can be cumbersome, heavy on the pocket and requires a lot of space. Then there’s the resources needed to transport materials, which add to the cost and ironically, these are hauled in trucks that burn fuel. These are some of the main reasons why most people don’t bother with recycling, but there is a very simple solution that can take care of the problem – Trash Compactors.

Staying Green with Trash Compactors

Like every other measure for saving the environment, recycling must be implemented responsibly to maximize efficiency and production. Tons of garbage is towed away from recycling centers that collect waste from our homes, offices and industries every day. Since the garbage is hauled using trucks, every time it’s moved, the carbon footprint increases.

Trash compactors or garbage compactors are the ideal solutions for making recycling processes attainable, manageable and even more efficient:

  • Trash compactors can shrink the size of garbage tremendously, so it takes up less space and is easier to store.
  • Since the size is reduced, each truckload can carry many times more, which reduces the carbon footprint
  • Recyclable items can be baled with large industrial balers, making them easier to manage and transport before they are melted down to be reused
  • Aside from recycling, garbage can be compacted before being dumped in a landfill, which reduces the size of the landfill and leaves more room for nature

Trash Compactors as a Money Saver for Businesses

In any industry or business, the major driving force behind most decisions is profitability, and it doesn’t need to be any different when it comes to waste management. Industrial trash compactors can be a very worthwhile investment for just about every industry, and the potential returns are huge. The benefits include:

  • Your business can attract more customers, enjoy other benefits of the ‘Green’ tag, and you can enjoy the satisfaction of doing your bit for saving the environment
  • Trash compactors can be conveniently located where the garbage originates, thereby reducing the cost of multiple hauling rounds
  • Since the waste material is compacted, it takes up much less room, and you have more usable space at your disposal
  • Waste is dealt with efficiently and accidental spills or damages resulting from leaks and runoffs are limited

Types of Compactors

Industrial trash compactors are available in a range of styles and sizes that can cater to every organization’s needs, for both indoor and outdoor waste management:

  • Roll Off Self-Contained Compactors – The flexibility and tremendous capacity of these trash compactors make them ideal for educational institutes, housing communities, and retail/service industries. They’re tested leak-proof and can easily accommodate waste with high-liquid content, which is great for restaurants and hotels, shopping centers, and the hospitality industry.
  • Stationary Compactors for Dry Waste and Recycling Applications – With these waste compactors, large volumes of dry waste like cardboard, paper, and packaging materials can be compacted by 400%. They’re an excellent space-saving choice for shopping malls, retail outlets, manufacturers and distributors, and the like.
  • Pre-Crushers for Large or Bulky Items – Waste that has a high degree of ‘air-space’ takes up a lot of room, even if it’s lightweight. Pre-crushers are purpose-built to crush bulky items like drums, boxes and crates for a massive increase in payload of up to 800% unnecessarily. They are ideal for manufacturing plants, warehouses, distribution centers and similar places since they can even crumple more solid items like appliances or furniture.
  • Transfer Station Compactors – These compactors can prevent foul smells from emanating and keep pests, scavengers and insects at bay. They’re perfectly suited for County and municipal solid waste collection centers, where the surroundings need to be kept clean, hygienic and odor-free.
  • Brown Baggers – There are several models of these high-tech trash compactors, which are extremely useful for handling regular waste. Their size and advanced trash-management technology is useful in areas where larger numbers of people frequently gather , like malls, airports, schools, etc.
  • Front Load Self Contained Trash Compactors – The front loading feature is convenient and saves time, which makes these garbage compactors ideal for motels, markets and fast-food chains, amongst other applications. Since they’re self-contained, unloading them is also much easier, and they require 75% less hauling frequency.

Before deciding on installing a trash compactor, you need to consider some factors, like the volume of garbage and the frequency of emptying, your budget and the type of waste products they will be used for. However, the important part is taking the decision to start recycling or improve your current waste disposal process and building towards more green, in the world and your pocket.

Article by – Erich Lawson

Erich Lawson is passionate about saving the environment through effective recycling techniques and modern innovations. He works with Compactor Management Company and writes on a variety of topics related to recycling, including tips and advice on how balers, compactors and shredders can be used to reduce industrial waste. He loves helping businesses understand how to lower their monthly garbage bills and increase revenue from recycling.