COVID may offer a mixed bag of positives & negatives


As India extends coronavirus lockdown till May 3, companies across sectors are striving to ensure productivity and customer service. Shekhar Erande, Director, SigmaNEST shares how the company is ensuring business continuity. He tells us how the pandemic will impact the overall business scenario. Excerpts

Please tell us about the initiatives taken by your company for business continuity while ensuring employee well-being during these challenging times?

We have offered our employees complete freedom to work from home and take care of themselves. This way we are achieving complete social distancing.

What steps have you taken to ensure Work from Home? How are you ensuring collaboration amongst internal teams?

We have given required IT access to our employees and scheduled flexible work time to ensure business and personal family both are addressed.

What initiatives have you taken for smooth customer experience?

We are ensuring our customer is well informed about the situation and products. We are providing online training and scheduling webinars for our customers to stay in touch. Our customers are taking advantage of lockdown to hone their skills by using our software.

What would you define as key lessons from this crisis?

There are many lessons we have learnt as human but few are vital to mention –
1. Change is constant
2. Work can be finished in 8 hrs per day 3. Live every day to your fullest capacity to enjoy.

In your view, what will be the impact of the pandemic on the overall business scenario and especially on your segment? What is your strategy to tackle the economic slowdown?

The impact will be mixed-positive and negative as we all can see there will be huge demand in all sectors due to change in economy, people are not going to stop living so we need to supply to fulfill all demands. Our sector is mainly affected as it depends on the steel so as per the steel demand our business will take same effect.

What are the policies/ support that you expect from the government for your sector?

We are expecting government should make sure our customers are healthy from financial point of view by providing them required schemes so they can buy from us to run their business.

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