Heavy duty dock equipment for extreme loads


If you handle the transport of goods, you know one thing – loading and unloading must be fast and efficient. So how do you achieve true operational efficiency within your loading bays?
The construction of the loading bay makes or breaks a logistics chain. Many variables need to be considered when designing a safe and efficient loading bay. Our guidance will help you in the complete process from start to finish and give you useful tips on the design and set-up of your loading bay construction. Of course, if you require specific advice, Gandhi Automations Dock Products Project Engineers are always on call to assist you.

The type of goods your logistic center handles directly influences the types of vehicle and loading equipment you use, and, in turn, the types of distribution vehicle, the type of goods and the processes you use will determine the type of loading bay you should have.

Heavy industrial facilities that handle large, weighty products such as pulp/paper, automotive or steel, have unique needs. It’s not about the footprint of the space, but the size and weight your equipment can handle within high-volume traffic flows. For these extraordinarily heavy loads, you need heavy-duty industrial dock equipment that can stand up to extreme loads while also providing operational efficiency and safety.

Smooth vehicle docking
Time is money, which is why you need a smooth process in your loading bay. There are plenty of things that can go wrong and many parameters to take into account. Safety and security will be the topic for another post, so let’s focus solely on operational efficiency for now.

Are the vehicle arrivals to your loading bay evenly spread out over the day? Probably not. Most people we meet in this business experience peak hours, where a number of vehicles show up at the same time to unload and load goods. To prevent traffic jams in the loading bay there are a number of automated solutions, such as vehicle restraints and innovative lighting guides.

Loading and unloading
When all the vehicles have arrived and safely docked, there are busy times ahead. The paramount question is how to make the process smooth and fast so that the drivers can be on their way as quickly as possible.
Even the smallest nuisance, such as an uneven edge between the loading bay and the vehicle, can cause expensive delays. With an investment in levelers, shelters, load houses and other docking accessories, it is possible to make the whole process more convenient and efficient.

Keeping in mind these factors, Gandhi Automations loading bay product solutions are designed to handle large loads, designed for demanding applications where each dock leveler offers exceptional performance, reliability, and safety levels as well as a low lifetime cost of ownership. With radius lip , telescopic and edge-of-dock models in our equipment portfolio, Gandhi Automations has a solution for any type of loading- unloading solution need.
Gandhi Automations Dock House Levelers, are designed to be installed outdoors and are indispensable in cases where it is necessary to maximize the use of storage space. Dock House Levelers are intended to facilitate loading and unloading operations in areas where perpendicular parking of the trucks to the building is not provided. One of the main advantages is that these can be installed and upgraded without changing the design of the main building. Their design allows to use all types of dock levelers, with hinged or telescopic. Installation is performed using surface method of installation. The installation is made fast due to the pre-assembled components.

Main advantages:

  • maximum use of warehouse space;
  • the ability to upgrade without rebuilding the main building;
  • quick installation.

Gandhi Automations Dock Products is synonymous with well-designed Loading Bay Dock projects throughout India. We specialize in the design, manufacture, installation, commissioning and maintenance of Loading Bay Equipment and Industrial Door Systems.

From your first contact and discussions with our team of experienced Sales Engineers, to the handover of our completed project you’ll find us helpful and friendly and ready to advise on the products and their installation.