Fraud Prevention Kit with DataBridge™ MS


METTLER TOLEDO offers a number of products to accompany your truck scale that will protect your business. Truck scales are convenient targets for fraud. Thieves constantly devise new ways to cheat businesses that buy or sell truckloads of material by weight. Protect yourself with the built-in security features of DataBridge™ MS software.

Many software programs rely on password protection alone. DataBridge™ MS software uses

password protection with defined access levels, but that is just the first layer of fraud prevention. The software provides an arsenal of anti-fraud features designed to stop the tactics that are being used to cheat truck scales. i.e. weight curves, stored tare weights, camera capabilities, pre-loading, audit logs etc.

The most common way to cheat at the truck scale is also the simplest–improper positioning of the truck on the weighbridge. Several scenarios make this possible for a truck driver to accomplish.

  • Truck with one set of axles off the front (or the back) of the scale will weigh lighter.
  • One truck fully on the scale, while second driver pulls a set of axles on the scale, generating a deceptively heavy load.

Vehicle Positioning System:

METTLER TOLEDO Help Prevent Improper Positioning by Photo eyes i.e. Vehicle positioning system, which help to prevent more than one truck driving onto the scale. Photo eyes can detect this cheat, as well as improper positioning of a single truck.

Camera Capabilities:

DataBridge™ MS software automatically captures still images and attaches them to a permanent record of each weighing transaction. Images are labeled by event and can be included on the tickets that are given to drivers as receipts. Using the software’s built-in camera monitor, scale operators can view activity at a scale.

When positioned correctly, cameras can record images that identify vehicles, drivers, and license plates.

Cameras also protect against cheaters, such as drivers who position the wheels of their vehicles partially off the scale to get a lower weight reading. While a busy scale operator might miss the violation, properly positioned cameras will not.

DataBridge™ MS Scale Management System provides professional transaction management with METTLER TOLEDO innovation, offering powerful capabilities for large and growing organizations with features like Multiple Work station access, customer user roles & permissions, notifications, analytics, advance customer data entry and advance anti-cheating solutions.

This software is also having capability for complete unattended weighing system, which helps to avoid weighing attendant, improve data accuracy and faster weighing throughput.

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