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Built-in Quality for Precision Components


When customers demand first-rate goods, businesses must build quality control into their processes. The market leader for hydraulic fittings uses weighing to check the quality of incoming materials and outgoing goods.

Swabia, a region of Southern Germany, is known worldwide for its highly skilled engineers and precise products. The region is home to many highly specialized world-market leaders. Volz Group, a Swabian standout with more than 90 years’ experience in the hydraulic fittings industry, operates according to justin- time production and packaging standards and regulations. Volz supplies tube couplings and connectors to the hydraulic industry and balls to the ball-valve industry.

High-precision weighing

Using the PFK9 floor scale, Volz checks all incoming materials to ensure that their quality standards are met. Additionally, Volz uses counting scales to guarantee that customers receive the exact amount of product ordered. To ensure each package does not exceed 10 kilograms, they use the ICS465 to count to target for each order.

The ICS465 is easy to use and simple to read, with its colorWeight® indicator that uses colors to notify the operator at a glance whether the weight is within specification. When Volz provides customers with the precise amount of goods they expect, it saves the business money by avoiding overfilling and facilitates exact production calculations to prevent process variations.

Relying on the experts

Volz has relied on METTLER TOLEDO scales for many years. “As we have high expectations to deliver high-quality products to our customers, we demand the same outcome from our quality control tools,” says Dejan Milutinovic, application engineer at Volz Group.

“METTLER TOLEDO scales not only are easy to use for our employees, but they also help us achieve the best and most reliable results.”

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