Hanna Instruments announces new product launch


Hanna Instruments is excited to announce the launch of HI98199 – A Portable Waterproof Meter with a single digital probe input, that allows the connection of either a pH, conductivity or dissolved oxygen probe.This meter can measure up to 10 water quality parameters with 5 being measured by sensors and the other 5 by calculation (i.e. EC to TDS).

This professional, waterproof meter complies with IP67 standards and is supplied with all necessary accessories to measure pH/temperature packaged into a durable carrying case. PH, Conductivity &Dissolved oxygen (D.O.) are common measurements across many industries.

In the treatment of waste water they are the critical parameters to monitor & ensure the removal of biodegradable organics. It is one of the most expensive parts of the treatment process due to the energy cost to produce oxygen.It is not only closely monitored to conserve energy but also to ensure that enough oxygen is present for aerobic (good) bacteria to be predominate. Dissolved oxygen is also monitored by environmental engineers in determining the groundwater and surface water quality.

An IP67-rated, waterproof meter means that this meter is built to withstand immersion in 1m of water for up to 30 minutes. With an ergonomic design and waterproofing the HI98199 will fit well in your hand and provides years of use. The large dot matrix display provides for an intuitive user interface in which the user is guided through any setup configuration or calibration. HI98199 uses highly advance digital electrode featuring a built-in microprocessor
that performs the measurements. HI98199 is supplied with a pH/temperature probe.

The meter can always be upgraded to measure dissolved oxygen or conductivity by purchasing the compatible probe. The calibration information for a connected probe can be viewed at anytime using the dedicated Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) button on the meter. The USB-C port is used for transferring logged data to a PC using Windows compatible software. The HI98199 can log up to 45,000 samples either by interval logging at a set time period or by log on demand of an individual reading.