METTLER IND570xx: One terminal, many solutions


Designed for performance and versatility, the IND570xx industrial terminal is the easy choice for even the most challenging industrial weighing applications.

The IND570xx features a broad offering of func­tions to manage weighing applications. Introducing advances in connectivity, performance verification and efficient, secure access to critical process data, the IND570xx satisfies ever-increasing demand for measurement accuracy, reliability, efficiency and traceability.

Benchmarking the current performance of your weighing system is a criti­cal element in process improvement. The Pac Statistics log available in the Fill-570 software for advanced filling and dosing control is just one example of the readily accessible information that can be used for this purpose. A clear understanding of system performance helps reduce waste and improve the overall quality of the end- product.

 Key features

  1. Secure, Efficient Access to Data
  2. Data Tables Streamline Production
  3. Customized printouts and labels