Industry 4.0 is the latest trends in our Industry


Q. What are the latest trends related to your industry?

Automation, Industry 4.0 is the latest trends in our Industry and our products are ready for IOT-Industry 4.0 can communicate with one another and apply suitable for Automation, Post Parcel, Logistics, Material Handling, Packaging etc. Its highly energy efficient and virtually maintenance free and suitable for any harsh ambient and operating conditions.

Q. How your products are in line with latest technology?

The products meet the latest energy efficiency norms and BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards) optimized drives and offer total solutions and total cost of ownership. It’s suitable for today’s digital world. We have IE4 and IE5 Motors on the way and meanwhile we have products such as FDS- Field distribution systems and Decentralized Drives, smooth surface motors etc. and all equipped with latest technology.

Q. What is your vision for next year to be ahead of competition?

We optically canvass ourselves and our products and keep improving upon. That is the ways to stay ahead not just focus the competition and put ourselves forward. As we have many patents to our credit- This clearly shows how we are ahead of the competition. For us every day is an incipient day and every year is an incipient year and fixates on product efficiency improvement, innovation, etc. To keep ahead of ourselves against the antecedent day and year.