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LMW is India’s finest range of CNC machine manufacturer. We have the state-of-the-art mother machines and advanced quality checking equipment to provide uncompromising quality products to the customers. The processes established are foolproof to ensure that every machine delivered, performs to the same levels it is designed for, and the build process also ensures longevity of the machine, meeting global standards. Our products are capable of manufacturing various components that require complex machining. 50% of our business is from auto industry and naturally we are specialized in manufacturing of auto components. If one such area can be singled out, we would say we have some great solutions for Transmission parts, like steering, gearbox, differential, etc..
Our machines are also a top choice for precision machining to meet high quality requirements of industries such as Aerospace, Medical, Die mould, etc..

Have you embraced Industry 4.0 in your manufacturing as a long-term business strategy?

Industry 4.0 is revolutionizing the world of manufacturing, including the machine tool industry. The implementation of Industry 4.0 in machine tool manufacturing involves integrated digital technologies into the manufacturing process which includes internet of things, automation to improve efficiency, productivity, quality, reliability and reduction in downtime.

Any digital transformation drives undertaken to improve quality and bring out better products through green manufacturing, with gains of cost-effectiveness:

Digital transformation has become a vital factor in the manufacturing industry. Our mother machines have the capability to collect and analyse data in real time. This capability helps in identifying issues early on, resulting in preemptive measures being taken to rectify them. Our machines are equipped with predictive analytics which helps to maintain regularly, this ensures to minimize the machine down time and enhance the product quality.

Exemplary R & D initiatives and technological breakthroughs, if any:

The development of our products is based on emerging manufacturing trends and technologies, as well as the market demands, which serves as the driving force behind our R&D efforts. To sustain as a market leader, we focus on delivering the latest and value driven products. Our Innovation is focused on market requirements, the machines must be easily customizable for different industry needs. For instance, We have introduced products which are very compact, cost effective and high speed which will address the needs of small component manufacturers where volumes are very high like the bearing industry.

Efforts of import substitution to make India self-reliant (atmanirbhar):

India’s effort of import substitution have been aimed at reducing the dependence on imported goods and increasing the production of domestic goods. India has launched several initiatives to promote indigenous production of defence equipment, medical devices and electronics. Government Policies such as 100% foreign direct investment (FDI) is allowed, Import duties have been consistently reduced, Exports are being recognized as a national priority by all union and state government agencies have helped the manufacturing industry.
The AatmaNirbhar program and PLI scheme has enhanced the Indian growth story. We are seeing a very positive approach and results. In the present world economic scenario, this is definitely an advantage for India.

Your vision for your company:

The company is driven by customer centric approach, value creation, integrity and innovation. We want to strive to be at the forefront of our industry and continuously push the envelope when it comes to new technologies and practices. Our company is truly dedicated to our customers. Exceeding customer expectations is our foremost objective, and we are dedicated to ensuring their satisfaction.

Why you think you deserve the EE AWARD-23 from Divya Media:

LMW is a pioneer in the manufacturing industry, we strongly believe that we deserves the Engineering Excellence Award as we have demonstrated great performance in various aspects of market demanding factors like, Accuracy & long lasting repeatability, Reliability, Reduction in cycle time, Low cost per component, High productivity, Customer service.

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