Shavo Technologies mass flow measurement & control


As semiconductor devices get faster and levels of integration increase, higher precision is required in device construction, and new materials are being introduced into the wafer production process to increase production efficiency.

HORIBASTEC is the recognized leader in mass flow technology, performing extensive research and development bringing the world’s first digital mfc, compact mfc, and more recently, wide range and pressure insensitive mfcs to market. High temperature mfcs are also available that can operate up to 120˚C. Mass flow controllers can control flows up to 200slm with different interfaces including analog, RS 422A, RS-485, DeviceNet.

  • Multi Range/ Multi Gas SEC-Z500X – Digital Mass Flow Controller
  • Pressure Insensitive Mass Flow Module
  • Thermal Sensor Detection PI Mass Flow Module SEC-Z700X Series
  • High Temperature Digital Mass Flow Controller SEC-8000F/D series
  • High temperature mass flow controller SEC-8000 series
  • Solenoid valve SEC-E series – mass flow controller

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