Moisture meter & thermal Imager with MSX®


The FLIR MR265 is a combination pin and pinless moisture meter with thermal imaging designed to show building and facilities maintenance professionals exactly where to investigate issues related to moisture, air leaks, and insulation voids. Featuring FLIR IGM™ (Infrared Guided Measurement) technology, the MR265 helps users quickly scan and target problem areas, visually guiding them to the spot where they can confidently take measurements, analyze readings, and ensure that problems are fixed. FLIR MSX (Multi-Spectral Dynamic Imaging enhancement) technology makes it easy to recognize where issues are located by embossing visual details from the built-in visual camera onto thermal images. Using FLIR Thermal Studio™, inspectors can then create and share professional reports that include findings and proof of repairs – giving customers peace of mind that mold, rot, or moisture challenges have been resolved.

FLIR Thermal Studio

Get to the problem faster

Visually scan and investigate large areas _or moisture, air leaks, and other building issues without opening the wall

  • Pinpoint problems at the source using the 160 × 120 (19,200 pixels) built-in thermal camera and laser
  • Clearly identify the inspection area using the onboard 2 MP visible camera
  • Eliminate guesswork with MSX, which enhances image quality by embossing visible light details onto thermal images in real time for greater edge and outline detail
  • Conveniently evaluate issues while in the field on the large 2.8-inch display

Work smarter

Carry fewer tools with this convenient, all-in-one thermal camera, worklight, and pinless and pin moisture meter that meets RESNET standards

  • Take qualitative, non-destructive measurements using the built-in electromagnetic/capacitive pinless moisture sensor
  • Use the included pin probe resistive sensor for quantifiable moisture measurements
  • Built rugged to withstand up to a 2 m (6.6 ft) drop
  • Inspect in dimly lit areas using the bright, built-in worklight

Improve communication With customers

Create professional reports using FLIR Thermal Studio to better communicate problems and repairs to customers

  • Upload images into FLIR Thermal Studio to take advantage of professional thermography analysis capabilities, or use the jpeg in a software platform of choice
  • Document both thermal and visual images before and after repairs to clearly show clients what problems were found, and prove that problems were fixed
  • Save up to 15,000 visual and radiometric thermal images

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