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Gandhi Automations offers a wide range of models in automatic Boom Barriers which are reliable and maintenance free. Models are available for boom length up to 8.4m to suit various applications like car parking sites, condominiums, toll collection & industrial entrances. It is highly compact in size with extremely silent operation. The soft edges, rounded corners and high performance of the Boom Barriers offered by Gandhi Automations are suitable for any type of installation environment. The newly designed and technologically advanced Boom Barrier is an ideal solution for a totally safe access control to high transit environments such as hotels, banks, shopping malls, as well as blocks of flats, companies and camp sites ensuring their use to authorized people only.

The pickled, metallic colour painted sheet metal does not degrade with time, despite adverse weather conditions, and gives the boom barrier a clean look. The key operated lever release system can be promptly accessed from the inspection side; fitted with a cover plate, the system can safely handle all emergencies in case of power failure. The top structure has a provision for an aerial to be installed to avoid any vandal attacks. The new cabinet features large dimensions, to cater for the need for greater sturdiness and convey stronger-impact aesthetics. The electronic panel is positioned on the top part of the barrier at a height that permits easier access to components and therefore allows conveniently carrying out setting and maintenance jobs.

The new aluminium arm has been designed to avoid any shearing problems, thanks to a rubber guard located in the top and bottom section and to a newly designed rounded rotation pin. The arm, round or elliptical, can be up to 8 meters long. The new, elliptical shape of the barrier arm ensures better wind resistance, thus avoiding any swinging in the 6 meter version. The arm is fitted with a rubber end plug and a provision for accessories. To ensure more visibility in the more demanding applications, the direct current version is fitted with an arm lighting kit: the LED goes off when the arm is up; it flashes when the arm is moving and is continuously lit when the arm is down, in order to enhance its outline.

They are available in grey and red or in stainless steel, the ideal solution for harsh environments such as areas near the sea. The sturdy steel structure comes with scratch – proof coating which can resist harsh weather conditions. The wide range of lengths and accessories available ensure that all installation requirements are met. It can also be integrated with wide range of accessories and all kinds of access control systems. All models are equipped with a provision of manual operation in the event of power failure and battery back-up facility in selected models.

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