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You being the industry leader in measurement technology for many industries, please brief us about company’s global reach & latest initiatives?

API is the inventor of laser tracker and laser interferometer. API, founded in 1987 and headquartered in the USA, has been the pioneer in metrology innovation. We have presence across North America, South America, Germany, France, China and India with direct and indirect reseller network.

Talking about India, in 2008, API started Indian operation with introducing laser tracker in the market. During the initial years, the need and awareness for laser tracker was limited to aerospace and defence. As a result, API supplied equipment to PSUs like HAL, DRDL and DRDO divisions with more than 50+ installations in less than three years and later on it opened up to the private sector. In 2015, API launched its Machine Tool Calibration (MTC) product line in the Indian market. In 2017, API launched its new generation laser tracker RADIAN series and all new API portable arms. In 2018, API moved its calibration lab from Noida to Pune. This is the first state-of-the-art calibration lab for portable CMMs and laser tracker calibration in India. The highest accuracy vProbe (wireless 6 DOF accessory for laser tracker) was launched. API’s product line ranges from layout marking machines, fix-bed CMMs to design studio milling machines in India. In 2019, API launched RMS and SFIS product lines. Also, it expanded its service network by offering contract measurement service and equipment calibration service for all brands and designs. During 2020, while the entire global market succumbed to a pandemic, API continued to innovate and utilized the time in developing upgrades for the current products. API launched new vProbe 2 with RFID system in 2020 which was a huge success. 2021 marks one of the most remarkable year as we launched long awaited iScan3 for large volume high accuracy blue light scanning.

Today, globally API has almost 400+ employees and an active reseller network across the world.

What are the exclusive products which your company offers to various industries? How do you plan to position these services?

Currently, our product and solution basket include:

  • 6 DOF Laser Trackers and accessories for probing and scanning
  • High accuracy Portable Arms ranging from 2 meters to 7 meters
  • Machine Tool Calibration solution and software
  • Robot Measurement Solution (RMS) including robot calibration software
  • Turnkey projects for complete automation for part inspection
  • Metrology assisted manufacturing
  • Contract Measurement services

Our solutions cater to aerospace, automotive, energy, heavy machinery, global manufacturing, military and defense, transportation, machine tools and robotics industry. We are the only OEM that is providing exclusive customized services including Inspection & Alignment, Reverse Engineering, Prototype Inspection, First Article Inspection, Production Measurement, Machine Tool Calibration, Robotic Calibration, Laser Tracker Calibration.

What are the new products launched recently?

API introduces the next generation of iScan3DTM Laser Scanner featuring improved optics and blue crossed laser lines for fast and accurate metrology grade point cloud generation. iScan3D, with integral process controller, connects with API’s Radian Six Degrees of Freedom (6DoF) Laser Tracker to accurately monitor scanner position and deliver high accuracy measuring and scanning. iScan3D completely negates user inconveniences associated with Articulating Arm scanners: operator fatigue, arm gymnastics, part access issues, and limited measuring ranges. iScan3D combines tactile and scanning measurements, giving users the freedom to measure wherever and whenever, regardless of part size and feature locations, in a single setup.

How does these products will cater the demand in the industry?

Quality Control is the most important parameter in automotive, aerospace & defense, energy, and power industries. For inspecting and monitoring the quality of the components, assembled parts, and finished products, laser trackers are used for rapid, accurate, and precise measurement. Laser tracker plays a vital role in coordinate metrology solutions. It helps to accurately measure large objects with the laser beam onto an optical target. API’s Radian Laser Trackers are known for their fastest measurement with the highest accuracy. API is the inventor of laser trackers, and our laser trackers include unique features like least warm-up time, integrated controller, Ivison capability, 0.5micron resolution, mounting ability at various angles, tracker size and weight, compatibility with all essential accessories, etc.

Laser calibration provides accurate measurement and compensates as compared to conventional manual error compensation. This helps to assure the quality of the manufactured parts meets the demands of your customers, particularly those from the aerospace or automotive industries, and enables you to predict when maintenance work will be required for specific machines and establish contingency plans. Our six degrees of freedom (6DOF) solutions provide straightness, flatness, linear and angular errors (pitch, yaw, roll).

As per your opinion, what are the technology transformations in industries took place that leads to dire need of measurement products among the manufacturers?

More automation, industry 4.0, big data analytics, cloud computing etc. are widely in implementation across industries. Moreover, the demand for quality products in lesser duration and indigenous manufacturing taking shape across aerospace demand higher precision and accuracy in production. Automation is replacing manual labour and contactless metrology without much human intervention is in vogue.

What are your future plans to maintain substantial market positioning in measurement business?

In India, we plan to expand our regional operation by opening offices/ sales and service representation in different cities along with strengthening the base with its reseller and agent network. API is also looking for pan India resellers as well as agents for UAE and SEA region for our existing and new product lines and for our fixed CMMs.

What are your plans for your company to maintain trailblazer position in measurement business?

We believe automation is the key. Post COVID 19, we have seen a substantial change in the approach and adaptation of automated technologies in Indian shopfloor. However, more awareness is the answer.

At API, we not only sell products, but we also ensure the customer is aware about its end use and the benefit in terms of ROI. Our values ‘automation, precision and innovation’ centers around the key philosophy ‘Customer first’! We consistently create awareness of the recent trends, technologies and innovation related to dimensional metrology solutions. At Pune, we have our calibration lab to induct customers about the recent innovations LIVE.

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