PMI Offers Wide Variety of Cross Roller Bearings



PMI : Cross Roller Bearing

PMIs designs and manufactures a variety of cross roller bearings that can handle radial, thrust and moment loads at the same time. These compact bearing feature rollers crossed at right angles between inner and outer rings to solve the problem of reducing the mechanism which uses one bearing to replace two bearing solution. This structure can reduce the combined height required for bearings to achieve high rigidity and excellent load capacity. There are currently, Standard type CRB, Mounting Holed type CRBF, Robots Installation type CRBR and Customised type CRBX to choose from.

Product Application

It suitable used in the rotating parts of machine tools, industrial robots, measuring instrument and IC manufacturing.

Product Characteristics

PMI : Cross Roller Bearing

High Accuracy
PMI offers precision cross roller bearing in the P2, P4, P5, P6 and P0 grades that to satisfy the needs of customers for precision equipment. The bearings produced by the test are classified that according to the accuracy of the ISO standard.

High Rigidity、High Load Capacity
Rollers crossed at right angles between inner and outer rings, the roller and groove contact area compare with ball bearings is bigger and contributing to miniaturization and increase load capacity and rigidity.

Save Space
Traditional Ball bearing combination space larger than Cross roller bearing about 1.5~2 times, reduce the design space and miniaturization.

Specification Diversification
Bore diameter 20mm to 110mm available for selection.

PMI : Cross Roller Bearing

Crowning Rollers
The rollers designed crowning curve that to avoid stress concentrate at both ends of the roller for the reason that it is maximum stress value of the roller can be reduced and the loading is relatively average, so improve the life of cross roller bearing.

Product Category

1. Standard Type – CRB
The outer ring is separable, this model is used in locations where accuracy of the inner ring is required. Ex: Rotary part of hollow rotary table.

2. Mounting Holed Type – CRBF
Mounting holes for direct fixing on outer and inner ring , helps produce smaller and lightweight equipment ,product design becomes more compact , CRBF can be assembled on the device according to the customers use , reduce the costs and delivery.

PMI : Cross Roller Bearing

3. Robots Installation Type – CRBR
Robots Installation type CRBR the outer ring is made of two split pieces , inner ring as a whole structure , mounting holes for direct fixing on mating mounting surface are available ,east installation , suitable for harmonic drive CSG(CSF) series and Multi-axis robot.

3. Customization TYPE CRBX
Customers can provide design drawings to PMI , develop customized cross roller bearing products.


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