Ram Ratna Group : Simplicity is the key to brilliance


“Simplicity is the key to brilliance” as the focal mantra, Ram Ratna Group has always been driven by idea and proficiency, whose success is endless commitment, focused vision and the craving to offer the best at all times.

Ram Ratna Group, founded by its chairman, Shri Rameshwarlal Kabra, came into existence as a small trading company in Mumbai. Influencing the market with untiring passion, we accomplish our businesses based on principles of ethics, transparency, trust and innovation. Ram Ratna group since inception about four decades ago, has today achieved an enormous growth and reached an enviable position and is still promisingly powering ahead with the guidance of a secure hierarchy which includes 3 generations of the founding family and a strong team who relentlessly work towards goals. This has made Ram Ratna Group as one of the fastest growing conglomerates in the horizon of the Indian industry making inroads into the domestic market and forming a strong presence in the International market. With a turnover of more than 800 million US dollars, Ram Ratna Group is setting up milestones along the way and effectively climbing the growth ladder, Ram Ratna Group has evolved to being a strong player in the Indian industry.

The group has always offered the best products that provide quality vis – ? – vis its value breaking down barriers that have restrained innovations to be a challenge. Our business sectors encompass a diverse spectrum of activities, manufacturing a wide range of electrical to infrastructure and chemical products with a diverse workforce, high standards and trust. Every product designed and manufactured by the Group inherits these properties and is aimed at creating better living condition, which is the core of the Group’s philosophy.

With over 15 years of dedication in putting the best technology at work, today RR Kabel is one of the leading manufacturers of wires and cables globally. Working with determination to produce wires with best technologies, today, RR Kabel has obtained an influential position in the industry by changing the dynamics of wire engineering.
With constant innovations RR Kabel offers the latest and widest range of premium wires & cables for various residential, commercial and infrastructure purposes.

Keeping in mind the imperativeness of fire safety, RR Kabel was the first to manufacture Halogen Free Flame Retardant (HFFR) cables, FIREX HFFR, in India. It is made with the distinctive Halogen Free Flame Retardant (HFFR) material combined with uni-laid conductor that delivers a perfect blend of safety, unmatched reliability and eliminating the risk of electrical fires.

The range also presents a unique wire range, Unilay FR. Manufactured with Unilay bunching i.e. wire containing a conductor constructed with a central core surrounded by more than one layer of helically laid copper wires, make it highly flexible increasing the conductivity of cable. It offers higher conductivity when compared to a normal bunched conductor. UNILAY FR manufactured with this unique technology ensures no electrical wastage and ensures optimal current carrying capacity.

RR Kabel is the first in India and the 4th apart from Europe to offer wires with Unilay technology and the first company in the world to offer HFFR cables with Unilay technology.The range also offers FLAMEX-FRLSH & SUPEREX FR (low smoke and flame retardant cables), variety of communication & Industrial cables. With a massive impact of HFFR cables, RR Kabel has made more value additions to its current range of products with LT cables, fire survival cables, CCTV cables, Auto cables, Speaker Cables, Instrumentation cables and cables for special applications. With two high end manufacturing facilities located in Gujarat, we have recently moved to manufacture higher size cables with a view to increase our production capacity and expand our range of products for industrial use and mega projects. All products are RoHS compliant and have earned multiple Indian and International certifications like BASEC, UL, VDE, CSA etc. to name a few apart from trust and support from the customers. With state of the art manufacturing units with ISO 14001, EN 16001:2009 approvals functioning with the finest Indian made machines and best machineries imported from Germany, Austria, Italy and Switzerland. We are one of the largest suppliers for wires and cables with a prestigious clientele that includes top developers, corporate, individuals, companies and various 5 star hotels. RR Kabel is constantly emerging with new marketing and technical perspectives that are globally trivial. Being customer driven, it highly inspires us to keep powering ahead to significantly enhance our abilities and optimize our potential to offer the best at all times.

We are constantly aiming to create significance of our multi-faceted range when designing making it better and safer environment for the customers.Serving through a large supply chain comprising of distributors and retailers spread across India and a wide distribution channel in 73 countries across the globe, we have ensured that our products are best in quality, reliable and are available across major cities and across all verticals.

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