Schmalz grows and takes over Binar Handling


Vacuum specialist Schmalz has acquired the Swedish company Binar Handling AB and its four subsidiaries in Europe and Asia, strengthening its market position in ergonomic handling technology. Binar Handling manufactures handling systems for loads weighing up to 600 kilograms.With this acquisition Schmalz now offers solutions for sensitive balancing and ergonomic handling products like Neo 30, Quick Lift Arm and Quick Lift Rail.

Binar Neo 30

With an easy and quick installation the NEO 30 can be installed in most common rail system. Just attaching the swivel to the trolley or an eyebolt and the NEO 30 is set for use. No need of adding space and cost consuming media supply – the NEO 30 is equipped with a battery as the single energy source.

The NEO 30 can handle goods up to 30kg with a safe and precise movement from the operators hand. Together with the NEO 30 a wide variety of standardized end effectors are provided as options.  Smart-lifting for everyone!

Binar Quick Lift Arm

All the expert knowledge required to combine efficiency and ergonomics is incorporated in our control handle. Combined with our manipulator arms, our lifting devices are designed for 50, 100, 200 and 300 kg. The manipulator arms are often mounted on floor pillars, but can also be suspended from the ceiling. The arms have an ultra- lightweight design because they are made of thin but extremely strong so-called ultra-high strength steel (UHSS), and are, therefore, very easy to use.

Binar Quick Lift Rail

The rail systems are available in Quick-Lift Rail (QLR) and Quick-Lift Driven (QLD). Quick-Lift Rail is a rail mounted equipment with manual movement in the X and Y axes with rail. Vertical lifting from 50 to 600 kg can be done using QLR and it is very smooth when using our precision control handle. QLD is mounted to ceiling or floor rails and offers unique motor-assisted operation on the X and Y axes, following even the most minor movements of the operator. This helps maintain a high speed over long distances without strain. This is an optimum solution when working in a large area.


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