Shavo’s tailor – made technology solutions

Shavo Technologies Pvt. Ltd., a part of the Shavo Group with a standing and reputation spanning over five decades, is in the frontiers of niche high technologies cutting across diverse disciplines. The company represents some of the world leaders in their respective fields for technology solutions like static elimination, precision air movement, high quality instrumentation, high purity gas delivery, corrosive gas handling, energy absorption and so on. With a vast product portfolio, the company serves over a thousand customers from diverse key sectors including semiconductor, aerospace, defence, chemical, oil & gas, automobile and so on.

From static elimination solutions to precision air moving products to instrumentation fittings and high purity gas delivery systems, Shavo is dealing in a wide spectrum of products and technologies. “Our endeavour has always been to work in niche high technology areas across industries where we can offer significant value for a variety of problems. Our products and their applications find solutions in a diverse range of industries such as Semiconductor, Aerospace and Defense, Converting, Automotive, Chemical and many more,” says Rushil Shah, Managing Director.

The company’s core selling concept is its deep application knowledge and command over the technologies it sells. The company has gone from selling component to systems and solutions and turnkey capability in an effort to keep offering better value by leveraging the technologies it provides.

Cutting edge technologies

All Shavo’s Principals have specific technologies that would be classified ‘cutting edge’ considering that almost all its principals are world leaders in their fields. For Static Elimination, it has integrated power supply ionising bars with full feedback control for Gas Delivery. Shavo has some of the most sophisticated fully automated systems capable of dealing with the most dangerous gases. It offers from HORIBA a multi gas , multi range Mass Flow controller – a first in the industry.

The company’s journey of working with High Technology Industries has started with Gast which today remains one of the world leaders in Air Motors and Fractional horsepower. Over the years, it has released many new pumps that have extended typical service life to new frontiers especially with the new rocking piston technology pioneered by Gast. Its latest 87 R series offers industry leading pressure performance at lowest noise levels.

Corrosive gases are used in a wide range of industries from Chemical, Tooling and the new areas of Nanotechnology, Photovoltaics, etc. Handling corrosive gases requires deep application knowledge, understanding of the materials to be used especially soft goods. Many corrosive gases are also liquefied which need special considerations, from heating to weight measurement,etc.

The awareness on the causes and cures for static electricity are low in industry but steadily growing. A lot of problems of contamination, material misbehavior, etc., are often attributed to other causes when they really are static related issues. Shavo continues to publish articles and bring awareness to the industry by working with a number of industrial associations.

The valves and regulators it supplies to the Chemical Industry in general have a wide range of certifications. For valves, it has course type approvals from various third parties like Llyod’s, TUV, DNV, etc. and the products meet all industrial standards wherever required such as ASTM F-1387, for Oil &Gas , ECR 110 for Automotive NACE, for Sour Service and many more. Tescom vaporizing regulators, in addition to having ATEX Approval, is the first such unit to have PESO / CCOE Approval from Nagpur.

Generally of course ‘Energy Absorption’ has applications wherever we need to decelerate motion, in the Industrial space. Factory Automation especially with Pneumatics is the key application, but Shavo also finds safety applications such as end stops for large cranes like those found in steel and ports as an important area. Lately the company’s focus has been vibration isolation with special attention to strategic electronics in the Defense Sector which has some of the most stringent requirements for G force transmissibility.

The company’s Fluid Control products once again find applications in a very diverse range of industries, but the main end-users are Oil & Gas, Chemical, Analytical and general  manufacturing.

The growth areas in the Fluid Control Industry lie in Semiconductor manufacturing and Photovoltaics  which demand ultra high purity gas delivery systems.Equipment of service
industries is typically made to the exacting specifications of the SEMI code which controls all processes from raw material to manufacturing, testing and even packaging. The surface finish and cleanliness requirements for these industries are extremely demanding often requiring products to be assembled in Class 100 environments.

The company’s supplies to the Automotive Industry almost cover the entire range of its product lines e.g. all engine testing for the new EURO IV and Euro VI norms use Shavo’s Tescom Central Gas Supply Systems for calibration of gases. It supplies Gast Air Motors almost extensively to all automotive paint kitchens. You will also find Enidine shock absorbers at the end of travel on many assembly lines.

The Meech Jet Stream Ionizing Systems, on the other hand, clean & neutralize car bodies and plastic parts prior to painting. Other Fluid Control products find extensive applications in the CNG space and the automotive testing area such as car air bag testing for instance. Shavo is currently working with some of India’s Top Companies such as Reliance, Tata’s, Biocon, GE, Department of Space, Ministry of Defense and many more. The company has over 1000 live accounts as of today.

Eminent service set-up

Shavo’s service set-up / service team has been growing from strength to strength. It has full service capability at the Pune office and is in the process of building a world class center in its Bangalore Factory. “Our service support is a key pillar of the value we provide,” underlines Mr. Shah.

When asked about addition of new agency lines, Mr. Shah says: “We have generally been extremely selective and have refrained from having a long line card, preferring a deeper involvement with our current partners to fully exploit their potential, but we have recently signed with Horiba to introduce flow control solutions and we would probably close with 2 more agencies in the Fluid Control area over the course of the next year.”

– P.K. Balasubbramaniian