Smart factory is leveraging evolving technology


Q. What is the latest trends related to your industry ?

UL Group has been at the forefront of Industrial Automation and Industrial communication technologies since last two decades. This means for UL Group, it is imperative to be in tune with the latest technological revolutions happening in the industry. Today In industry it is not just revolution but a total evolution happening with Industry 4.0 and IIOT. In simple worlds, Industry 4.0 or IIOT or Smart factory is leveraging IT, Internet and Communication landscape to enhance the productivity, efficiency, quality alongwith phenomenal ease of management of affairs of the activities at all layers of stake-holders . Instead of just working in silos & adding assets, the available assets and data generated will now work to release the dormant power into taking a great leaps forward into all the facets of industry viz manufacturing, SCM, management and leadership.

Q. How your products are in line with latest technology?

The biggest challenge Industry faces in taking advantage of internet technologies and enabling Software capabilities is the huge investments already done in legacy assets and operational technologies . To enable them to be internetised, means there is a need of very industrial organisation who are aware of the intricaciees of operational technologies (OT), solutions and expertise in seemless collection of information / data and connectivity between OTs to ITs ( Internet technologies ) and Software tools.

This is the area in which UL Group with its products and solutions, become vital to Industry 4.0 Revolution. Decades of experience in whole bunch of Operational Technologies in Industrial Automation, from enterprise & control level SCADA, DCS, PLC, embedded controllers to upto plant floor data collection installations like sensors, actuators, transmitters & transducers . and Industrial communication technologies as “ Any media viz fiber optic, wireless and hardwired, any protocol like fieldbus, ethernet and internet protocols all from one company” and with latest networking infrastructure products makes UL Group a most reliable partners for any initiative industry wants to take in the direction of enabling themselves for Industry 4.0 or IIOT or Smart Factory for collecting, connecting and controlling the scattered & siloed data landscape to be made available for software tools for analysis, creation of useful information & dashboards for all concerned. Moreover on IT side UL Group is associated with many software companies who have ready tools for storing, monitoring, analysing the data thus collected and convert them into the information which is required to take the accurate decisions at all the layers of stakeholders in the Industry .

Q. What is your vision for next year to be ahead of competition ?

This means UL Group takes the most suitable position as very own industry partners for Industry 4.0.
With such a unique positioning and intuitive comfort to the Industry, unlike other competitor companies coming from IT side and trying to make sense with OT, UL Group’s strategy of inside-out from OT side and embracing the IT technologies, to become catalyst in revolutionising industry in their Industry 4,.0 initiatives.

UL Group believes that their association & understanding of Industry since so many years have given them huge head-start over competitors and with their strategy to partner with like-minded IT companies can be real force in IIOT and Industry 4.0 business opportunity knocking the door in industry for coming years.