igus polymer iglidur J3B


The advanced material is attractive with a low coefficient of friction and a new black design

For the bearing of pivoting and rotary applications, igus introduces iglidur J3, a lubrication-free and long-lasting tribo-polymer. The endurance runner convinces, above all, with its proven, very low coefficient of friction. As the yellowish material did not always match the design concept of the user, igus has now further developed the tried-and-tested tribo-polymer into the black iglidur J3B. But igus always has the right material for other applications as well. The intuitively operated iglidur online expert system helps with the selection.

High dirt resistance, low coefficient of friction and toughness to combat edge and impact loads; features that are in demand in many industries. To satisfy this demand, igus launched the high-performance polymer iglidur J3 for its plain bearing range in 2015. The tribo-polymer displays its advantages especially in pivoting and rotary movements. igus has now further developed the “endurance runner” into iglidur J3B (B for black). The new black high-performance polymer adapts to the design of furniture or even sports and leisure equipment. “Particularly the customers who use our flanged bearings wanted to use iglidur J3, but the slightly yellowish material often did not fit into the design of the application. Now we can deliver a long-lasting solution with proven properties”, explains Stefan Loockmann-Rittich, Head of iglidur plain bearing technology Business Unit at igus GmbH. The iglidur J3B increases service life, especially for applications with low and medium loads, making it ideal for the bicycle industry, for example in pedals, brake levers or suspensions. The iglidur J3 is also used in the mountain bike pedals from Crankbrothers. For years, the American company has been promoting the premium components and is relying on the lubrication-free and dirt-resistant plain bearings made of high-performance polymers.

Online expert for plain bearings helps in the selection

Users of the motion plastics specialist igus can choose from 57 different materials. From the visually appealing endurance runner iglidur J3B to the high-temperature specialist iglidur X. In the search for the right plain bearing, the iglidur online expert system accompanies the user to determine the appropriate tribo-polymer. The online configurator is very easy to use. The user only has to enter the parameters of the application for design, load, movement and counter partner. Then the expected service life of all suitable iglidur materials is displayed and the material with the best price-performance ratio for the application can be selected. All plain bearings are available directly from stock with no minimum order quantity.