The fastest growing company in the lubricant firmament



Yeskolube, the brainchild of young entrepreneur Sandeep Gaikwad, has emerged as a rising star in the firmament of the lubricant industry in India. In an interaction with Engineering Review, Sandeep recounts the checkered growth story of his company which has fostered a proactive approach and a symbiotic relationship with the user industry, addressing the customers’ pain points and providing enduring technology solutions. The company is now on a trajectory of meteoric growth, also planning its foray into the global market. Excerpts:

Q. Yeskolube is considered the fastest growing lubricant manufacturer in India today. How could you achieve this position in a short span of time?

We are headquartered in Pune with an all-India sales network. Our manufacturing facilities are equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure and have the best-in-class testing and storage units. Adding to this, we have a cadre of accomplished mentors who guide a team of solid credentials to handle a nationwide clientele with utmost quality and service support. It is our domain knowledge combined with vast experience; resourcefulness, proper utilization of resources, meticulous planning, right attitude and a burning desire to excel that have helped us achieve this position we are in today in a short span of time. We do believe that if we as a team stand united and work towards a mission with unwavering commitment and dedication, the results will be positive and achievements will be great.

Q. What are the stimuli and attributes that are helping you in your phenomenal growth?

The industrial activities are growing and the Indian economy is on a fast track. So if we align ourselves and stay capable of delivering what the industry expects, we stand a chance. This is one aspect. The other is that we are always proactive to the industry needs. In the early phases of my career, I had identified the challenges faced by the industry and the enormous costs incurred due to wrong and improper usage of lubricants. We do believe that the customer’s money is our money. It is not to be wasted. This is why we work closely with our customers, understanding their pain points and addressing them, providing the right solutions. So the customer loyalty and goodwill are always there behind our growth. Added to this, our operating philosophy and our core values serve as guiding lights in our journey in the set direction to achieve our goals.

Q. What’s your present range of manufacture? And what are their applications?

We offer a wide range of lubricants under the forging, casting and metalworking fluids categories. These include graphite and non-graphite based forging lubricants which are top-of-the- line, premium products from our manufacturing units. Besides, there are other renowned products such as water-based PDC die coats which are silicon-free. We also offer non-graphite plungers which have a very high demand amongst our clients. Over and above, we also provide a lot of metal treatments such as non-oily and non-sticky polymers and a whole lot of allied application equipment and accessories such as spray guns, spray automation, spraying tanks, and auto-mixing units. All these have surging demand in the user industry.

Yeskolube India bags Engineering Excellence Award for being the Fastest Growing Brand in Lubricant Industry

Yeskolube India  has won the Engineering Excellence Award for being the fastest growing brand in the Lubricant Industry. The event, organized by Divya Media Publications for recognizing 25 outstanding achievers in the industry, was held in Hotel Noorya in Pune on 21st May.

Yeskolube is a brainchild of young technocrat, Sandeep Gaikwad.  The company formulates world-class forging and die-casting lubricants and supplies to industries across the length and breadth of the country.

Sandeep’s domain expertise, relentless efforts, hard work, and his vision as a hardcore industry professional, have brought rapid growth to the company in a short span. Yeskolube has successfully manufactured and sold more than a whopping 200 tons of lubricants to the user industry in a span of eight months.

Q. Can we detour your infrastructure and manufacturing facilities?

We have our manufacturing plant in KoregaonBhima on the Pune-Nagar Road in Pune. Equipped with the best of production machines and an eminent team of R & D and production personnel with an uncanny eye for quality. Raw materials are sourced from approved vendors. So we are using the best raw materials which in turn help the clients achieve high performance in their manufacturing, and considerable savings. We are an ISO-9001-2015 certified company and our benchmark for quality is much higher than the industry standards.

Q. What’s your R & D set-up? And how do you go about developing new products and customized solutions?

We have an in-house R & D in the plant wherein a team of engineers are constantly working on new product developments as well as continuous improvement of existing products. We meticulously conduct research on the conditions and variable temperatures with a wide range of metal combinations and industrial consumables.

Our R & D is primarily related to the following products:

  • High-performance forging-die lubricant & wax-free paintable die coats
  • Plunger & Plunger lubes and graphite beads
  • Spray guns and spraying equipment
  • GDC die coats and riser paste.
  • Being in touch with the industry, we understand the exacting requirements of the customers. This helps us formulate products to meet their needs and expectations.

Yeskolube India Pvt Ltd CORE VALUEs
Q. Which are your major markets? Are you also eyeing at exports?

As I mentioned earlier, we make specialty lubricants for the forging and casting applications. Obviously, All forging and casting units are our customers. They are spread across the country. India itself is a vast market. So our concentration right now is to achieve a wide and deep penetration in the Indian market.
Time won’t be far off when we also make a foray into the international market and establish our footprints.
We are gearing up for it.

Q. What are the challenges involved in your business?

Like to everyone else, COVID-19 was a big challenge to us. We lost two precious years of our growth phase. However we managed to face the rough weather and come out triumphant, thanks to the great understanding of our customers and to our own resilience. Even during these tough times, we could provide enduring solutions to our customers.

Q. Any new products in the anvil?

We already have a diverse range of products to meet the needs of the growing market. Our range includes high-performance forging-die lubricants & wax-free paintable die coats, plunger & plunger lubes and graphite beads, spray guns and spraying equipment, GDC die coats and riser pastes. Our R & D is constantly striving to come up with innovative products and solutions

Q. What are your core values?

Our work ethos revolves around our core values such as:

These values are our guiding lights on the path of our progress.

Q. What is your vision for Yeskolube?

We are a vibrant organization. In a short spell, we could achieve success. We attribute our glittering milestones to the unwavering commitment, dedication and relentless efforts of our people as a well-knit team. So our priority is to keep the Yeskolube family in good stead, providing a good eco-system and a conducive work environment. Our endeavor is to take Yeskolube to greater heights. To strive, persevere and achieve is our motto, to fructify our vision of realizing more and more milestones on our path of progress.