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The welding industry in India has not been an exception to the impact caused by the pandemic. The current pandemic and its aftermath have taught us that the future can be quite uncertain and that even our highly calculated expectations and predictions can sometimes go haywire because of a single black swan event. However, this is not to say that we don’t prepare and be ready for the future. Every unexpected black swan event also presents us with a glaring opportunity. The same is true for the welding industry in India as it is showing great promise, and which looks on course to set new levels of turnovers.

Apart from being in regular demand, the welding industry has benefited from the several positive steps initiated by the Indian government. As the pandemic settles down and various industries come back to full working force, naturally, the demand for welding is expected to go even further. This precisely is the comeback opportunity for you to reach to your potential customers and offer them end to end solutions. But then the question is how to reach them credibly and effectively?

The answer can be in the Engineering Review magazine. The magazine is one of the most reputed and widely circulated niche publications. It is a specialized magazine promoting specific & targeted industries in every edition. And this time we are publishing the Welding Issue in the November Edition.

Engineering Review is published by Divya Media Publication, which was started by young technocrat entrepreneurs with over three decades of experience in media and publishing. The company runs 3 print publications and 2 online portals and help other companies reach out to right potential clients and be future ready. Divya Media has always endeavored to offer latest industry information with best in class quality printing and packaging. During the month, Divya Media Publication will also be a part of two of the biggest expos in the B2B industry, namely ENGIMACH 2021 and IMTEX 2022.

Let us give you a quick overview of these two events:


  • ENGIMACH 2021 is India’s second most acclaimed engineering, automation, and machine tool exhibition.
  • The event is known for its world-class facilities for product display, promotions, chance to connect with the government bodies, product promotions, and high-level business interaction.
  • ENIGMACH can be considered as the launchpad for new ideas, services and products, and is well known for providing a highly conducive environment for collaborations, forming joint ventures, and creating an open marketplace to source new age solutions.
  • ENIGMACH 2019 saw 78,431 visitors, 589 exhibitors, multiple foreign exhibitors, and more than Rs 1500 Cr business turnover.

IMTEX 2022

  • IMTEX is organized by Indian Machine Tool Manufacture’s Association (IMTMA) and has a legacy of 50 years.
  • The event promises to give a comprehensive and extrapolated coverage to new-age technologies in both metal forming and metal cutting under one roof.
  • It is one of the significant events in India and Asia with the presence of some of the leading national as well as international manufacturing companies.
  • The upcoming event is an exclusive B2B event that will attract both Indian and foreign exhibitors that would provide a wide range of new and innovative technologies and engineering applications & products.

With such huge and potentially business changing opportunities coming up, it is imperative that you advertise your business with Engineering review to get maximum exposure. Also, by advertising in the magazine, you are essentially saving up the cost of installing a stall in these expos, which may be quite expensive. It may be difficult to grab a place at these events as well. However, by promoting your business through Engineering Review’s Welding Edition, you are solving both these problem at once.

Here are a few more reasons to advertise your business with Engineering Review – Welding Edition:

  • Engineering Review is one of the most reputed and critically acclaimed magazines in the field of manufacturing and engineering.
  • The magazine is due to be circulated at two of most well-known B2B industry exhibitions in India in upcoming months. This will give you instant access and exposure to large set of potential customers.
  • By advertising through the magazine, you are saving both registration and stall installation costs at these events, without compromising on the quality of potential customers as well as possible business opportunities.

So, what are you waiting for? This is your chance to grab this opportunity with both hands and make the most of it.

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