Transforming Technology Into Success – SIL


We are glad to Introduce our Company SIL, the leading Indian Laser Machines Manufacturing Company for Wide Range of Laser Systems for different Applications Since 31 years (1990) based in Pune, Maharashtra with 5 Manufacturing Units of more than 1,50,000 Sq Ft and manufacturing capacity of 300 Machines per month. We have 4 Sales Offices in India with 12,000+ installations.

Our SIL machines are ISO Certified and trusted for Quality with Minimal Maintenance Cost.

  • Our Product Portfolio Includes
  • Fiber Laser Cutting Machines.
  • Laser Micro Welding Machines.
  • Laser Welding Machines.
  • Lithium Ion battery welding machines.
  • Laser Battery Foil Processing Machine.
  • Laser Additive Manufacturing Systems.
  • Laser Cladding Machines.
  • Precision Projector Lens Cutting Machine.
  • Solar Cell Dicing Machine.
  • Laser Engraving Machines.
  • Laser Marking Machines.
  • Fabric Laser Engraving and Cutting Machines.

And we are specialists in automation and material handling systems with laser integrated solutions.

Besides this, we have a strong support team of more than 350 Employees and Trained Service Engineers also committed to provide strong sales and service support with prompt feedback.

Q. You are a name to reckon with in the field of welding. Could you brief us on your standing and niche?

SIL is India’s 1st registered Laser machine manufacturing company. SIL built its 1st Laser welding machine in 1994 using solid state Nd:YAG Laser, which also may be 1st of its kind Made in India. SIL’s journey of making machines for material processing applications in a way began in 1994. Since then SIL has supplied no. of Laser machines for various welding applications. SIL today provide Laser welding solutions for various industries such as automotive, defense, aerospace, machine tools, signage, electrical & electronics, pharmaceutical, railways, home appliances, jewelry, educational institutes, etc. SIL uses solid state Laser, fiber Laser or diode Laser as a welding source and has expertise to integrate them with CNC work tables, robots, automation equipments, material handling systems depending upon application requirements. Today, SIL is capable of offering Laser welding solutions for catering any requirement from the market.

Q. What’s your range of manufacture today and what’s the differentiated offer you make to the customer?

SIL’s range of Laser welding machines includes Nd:YAG Laser welding machine, Fiber Laser battery welding machine, QCW Laser welding machine, Robotic Fiber Laser welding machine, Jewelry Laser welding machine, Micro Laser Welding Cell, Handheld fiber Laser welding machine & fiber Laser Railway Coach Welding Machine Apart from offering standard Laser welding machines, SIL can also offer Laser welding system for specific welding application depending upon customer requirement and offer turnkey welding solution.

Q. Please throw some light on your manufacturing facilities.

SIL’s manufacturing activity is handled through it’s five industrial units located in Pune spreading over 1,20,000+ sqft. Land & 80000+ sqft. covered area. 5000+ sqft dedicated to R&D Lab. SIL has complete in-house facility of fabrication shop, tool room comprising of CNC & VMC machines, Electrical & electronics workshop and assembly lines for it’s range of products.

Q. How do you instill quality in your products?

SIL is ISO 9001:2015 certified company. SIL uses all components from either domestic or international branded companies from USA/Europe/Japan. QC is an in-herent process during the entire manufacturing activity. External agencies are also involved for QC during some of the processes. SIL ensures that every machine shipped from it’s premises adhere to the quality standards.

Q. Who are your major customers?

SIL’s major customers are MTRDC, NSTL, BHEL, ISRO, HAL, DAE, ECIL, BARC, Bharat Electronics, Bharat Dynamics Ltd, L&T, AIRBUS, BAJAJ, TATA Motors, Ola Electric, Wipro, Hitachi, Ohsung Electronics, Dayco Power Transmission, IIT Guwahati, MNNIT, COEP, VSSUT, Chennai Radha Engg. Works etc.,

Q. What are the attributes that make your customers come to you again and again?

SIL has become a brand synonymous with Laser knowledge base, thanks to a legacy created by founder Late. Dr. Suresh Shah, quality workmanship backed up by after sales service support over a period of time. That is why SIL has been successful in generating a repeat business in excess of 30% year after year.

Q. What are the latest trends in welding akin to your business, and how do you keep in step with them?
Recently Laser welding market has been witnessing exponential growth as the cost of investment is coming down drastically. The quality of weld generated by Laser has been unparallel and now with the cost of welding coming down, the technology will slowly replace conventional welding processes. With introduction of handheld Laser welding, and EV market opening up at a rapid pace, Laser welding is sure to make it’s stronghold in the welding process market per say.

Q. What are your growth strategies?

SIL has already been active with it’s Laser welding machine portfolio and now with new avenues coming up, SIL is fully ready to cater to the requirements & opportunities that will come up. SIL has been investing heavily into enhancing it’s R&D setup & creating facilities including hybrid welding.

Q. How do you look at the future of welding in India vis-à-vis that of your organization?

We feel the future of welding in India is on the verge of sea change and Laser welding is poised to dominate the welding space in times to come. SIL as an organization is getting ready to greet this change with both arms open.