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ZKTeco India has been the leading manufacturer of wide range of Biometric Products and Electronic Security Solutions including Mask & Temperature Detection Devices, Time Attendance, Access Control, Entrance Control, Smart Parking, Security Inspection, Smart Locks, IoT-Smart Home Automation systems as well as Accessories to name a few. It has been a well-recognized enterprise with an excellent track record for the best customer satisfaction with its vast presence connecting several states of India through 13 primary cities alongside a Global R&D Center and a Global Technical Center as well as an ultra-modern Manufacturing Facility, all of which being located in the Silicon Valley of India – Bengaluru. In addition to these, it also contains Multiple RMA Centers and an extensive sales channel system with strong Logistic Network spread across the country.

Professional Achievements:

ZKTeco India has developed some of the world’s leading breakthrough technologies in the Biometric and Electronic Security product segments. Its specialization in Multi-Biometric Verification Technology comprising of various recognition techniques including fingerprint, face, palm print and vein recognitions in smart identity authentication and the ability to integrate them into access control as well as other platforms to enhance the overall security shows the pinnacle of its engineering capabilities. In addition, its Access Controllers are equipped with advanced functions including Global Anti-Passback, Global Interlock, Global Linkage Settings such as Fire Panel Linkage thereby enhancing the security and safety levels to new heights. Furthermore, the ARMATURA Hi-Tech Access Controllers offers ultimate performance with world-class design, multimodal authentication with enormous storage capabilities, high cyber security functions with OSDP protocol and AES standard data protection as well as BMS common communication protocols such as BACnet, Modbus, and OPC.

Any turnaround story to narrate?

The organization also has both national and international recognitions and certifications. It has achieved this through perseverance, excellence, and quality of its products and solutions representing the upper end of technology spectrum forefronting the industry with an array of new capabilities and stunning features. In addition, they focus on various sectors ranging from Finance, Education, IT, Government, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Hospitality, etc., and to meet the requirements of these different verticals, ZKTeco has extensively diversified its products with multitude of options, specialized functions, and specifications. Today, ZKTeco India demonstrates manufacturing leadership while driving performance to the new levels in science and technology as a world-leading solution provider in the fields of Multi-Biometrics and Smart Security Management.

Have you embraced Industry 4.0 in your manufacturing as a long-term business strategy?

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Any digital transformation drives undertaken to improve quality and bring out better products through green manufacturing, with gains of cost-effectiveness:

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Exemplary R & D initiatives and technological breakthroughs, if any:

ZKTeco’s R&D Center represents a full-fledged design center for developing advanced solutions employing cutting-edge technologies such as IoT and Cloud Computing and serves as a technology hub for driving engineering and innovation underlining various industry-related trends to approach in parallel with the rapidly growing Indian economy while also focusing on new and emerging technologies. Given the unique blend of intellectual design and modernization with its state-of-the-art facilities, it offers tremendous opportunities for remarkable research outputs as well as revolutionary software solutions with skilled engineers and technology prowess as its core competency. For instance, Intelligent Time Cloud-Based Attendance Software, Cloud Visitor, Cloud Access, easy TimePro Web-Based Time Attendance Software, ZKBio CVSecurity – a Computer Vision Based Biometric Security Platform and so on. Their products and solutions are established on system progressiveness and technology integration offering numerous advantages over conventional systems.

A word about your leadership and operations management to achieve manufacturing excellence:

Over the past decade, the ZKTeco India has gone through several milestones and has developed some of the world’s leading breakthrough technologies in the biometric and security segments. ZKTeco’s firm belief in indigenous manufacturing is reflected in its continuous support towards the ‘Make in India’ mission via its state-of-the-art production facility thereby contributing to the local content development. This facility houses advanced machinery and various specialized divisions including Raw Materials Section, Heavy Materials Assembly Line, Biometric Devices & Controllers Assembly Line, Packing & Finished Product Line Section, Quality Control, Warehouse, Service Section, etc., for delivering excellence

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