Cole-Parmer launches its ThinTouch™ Line of Gloves


Perfectly Engineered for Strength and Dexterity

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Cole-Parmer, a leading global source of laboratory and industrial products, equipment, and supplies since 1955, announces the introduction of its ThinTouch™ line of Gloves. No more compromise with tactile sensitivity and comfort, as these gloves are perfectly engineered for strength and dexterity.

Traditional disposable gloves provide protection for only short periods of time and typically have a thicker, sturdier design for long lasting protection. Cole-Parmer® ThinTouch™ gloves not only offer high levels of protection for longer time but its unique ‘Touch and Feel’ experience due to optimized tactile sensitivity makes it a perfect glove for varied applications. These gloves are perfectly engineered for strength and dexterity. Its ergonomic design is manufactured using an advanced elastic thin-film formulation for supreme sensitivity, excellent comfort and maximum protection.

Cole-Parmer’s ThinTouch™ line of gloves include Nitrile and Latex Gloves. ThinTouch™ Nitrile Gloves and ThinTouchPROtect™ Nitrile Gloves Cole-Parmer are the first two launched products from the range.

ThinTouch Nitrile Gloves 9.5” are the Next-Gen Best-in-Class Nitrile Gloves for applications involving small parts or operations demanding speedy handling. It’s high tensile strength, exceptional protection and unique ‘Touch and Feel’ experience makes this glove the Best-in-Class. These latex- and powder-free gloves have low-particulates to prevent glove-related work contamination. In addition, these gloves meet ASTM D 6319, ASTM D 6124, EN 455-1, EN 455-2, ISO 9001 / ISO EN 13485 performance standards.

ThinTouchPROtect Nitrile Gloves are ideal for use in chemotherapy drug production area and provide proven barrier protection from bacteria, viruses and chemicals. These 12″ non-sterile gloves are tested against 29 chemotherapy drugs as per ASTM D6978-05 and offers a high level of protection against these drugs. These gloves have an advanced composition with higher breakthrough time of 127.5 minutes against Carmustine (3.3 mg/ml) and 240 minutes against ThioTepa (10.0 mg/ml) under standard test conditions – clearing it for use with Carmustine and ThioTepa. They have been tested as powder free gloves as per ASTM D6124 minimising occurrence of powder related complication such as irritant contact dermatitis. Not just protection, these gloves provide a conformable feel to the user-especially when worn over a long period.

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