Demonstrating skills & passion is succees mantra


Q. Tell us about your role and job profile at current company.

As a Manager – Marketing at Legris India- A Division of the Parker Hannifin Group, I play a very crucial role in building the brand image and making sure the product is seen by the target customers.

I look after a vast spectrum of duties from the promotion of products and services right up to analyzing data and setting strategy for the company’s growth.

I find the role of marketing professional very diverse and interesting as one is constantly seeking new opportunities for the business to succeed in the marketplace, as well as keeping an eye on the competition. Marketing is truly an intersection of creativity and business.

Engineering doesn’t differentiate based on gender. If certain careers have been dominated by male percentages, that is the reflection of a society.

Q. What made you choose a career in the engineering industry?

There really aren’t that many careers as engineering that offer such a huge range of rewards. It lets you use both sides of your brain and have a real impact on the world around you.

Just think, a job where no day is exactly like another, where you can use creative thinking and engineering skills at the same time, where you work as a part of a team, where you can travel, and make a real difference.

Creative thinkers, problem solvers, communicators, team players, it’s not surprising that engineers are some of the most sought-after people for a diverse range of jobs. All kinds of businesses recognize engineers as people that are very well-educated and good at solving problems.

That’s a great person to have in any team, in any industry.

Q. Did you face any difficulty in coping in the industry (due to lesser women employees)?

I don’t think and see myself as ‘a woman’. I think and see myself as ‘a person.’ This comes from my childhood experiences and gender-neutral upbringing.

Q. How can we encourage more women to pursue careers in engineering?

Engineering doesn’t differentiate based on gender. If certain careers have been dominated by male percentages, that is the reflection of a society. If you are good and skilled then you can do whatever you wish. So whatever scope you have, lies within your own ability of self-belief. Work on yourself and try to become the best that you possibly can. Keep learning and growing, stay committed and you shall achieve whatever you set your heart to.

Q. What advice would you give to women to be successful in the industry?

Follow your passion and give your best. Learn as much as you can and keep yourself focused on delivering results. People will have no choice but to respect you (and if they don’t, they don’t deserve your energy).

Know that when you walk into a room where you look different from everyone, it definitely gets people’s attention, but it also provides an opportunity for you to prove yourself and raise the bar.

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, either; the more mistakes you make, the faster you learn as long as you’re paying attention.


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