Elevator Industry Expo ‘ISEE 2022’ was a resounding success


The International Sourcing Exposition for Elevators & Escalators (ISEE) held at BEC Mumbai during 1-3 Dec 22 was a resounding success.  ISEE-22 staged 140 plus exhibitors including the industry majors like Otis Elevators, Kone, John Lifts, and a galaxy of others displaying their products and solutions.  The exhibits included elevators and escalators, components & accessories including car frames, cabins, doors, elevator ropes, over speed governors, elevator controllers, drives, air-conditioners, flow control valves, encoders, intercoms, BMS interfaces, power supplies, board to board connectors & cables, LV switchgear products, safety switches, emergency stop switches, security sensors, adhesives, signs, fasteners, maintenance products, lubricants, and many more.   The organizers TAK-Expo succeeded in bringing together OEMs and component manufacturers to bring to one platform and to showcase India as a sourcing hub and to prove that India has the manufacturing capability & prowess to compete at an international scale.

Despite the fact that this was the maiden show, the Expo had a good number of overseas participants too representing countries like US, Germany, Italy, UK, Austria, The Netherlands, Switzerland, Turkey, and Bangladesh.

The highlights of the exhibition included Panel Discussions on all three days.  Following are some of the topics discussed:

  • Importance of new age technology in real estate
  • Architecture & Engineering are inseparable
  • Building Evacuation during emergencies
  • Challenges in a mixed use building, Skyscrapers: Design
  • Culture & Symbolism – a global perspective
  • It pays to pay more for safety
  • Global elevator markets
ISEE held at BEC during 1-3 Dec 22 was an all-pervading industry show of elevators & excavators.
Seen here are TAK Mathews and Priyanka Choudhuri, Directors of TAK-Expo Pvt. Ltd., the organisers.of the show.

Concurrently, training sessions were also conducted at the Knowledge Centre on topics such as Maintenance, Understanding Traction, Theory & importance of seismic in elevators, Sales & Productive anchor installations, Review of NBC-2016 Requirements & Inspection Process, Elevator Fault Finding, Balancing during Elevator Commissioning, Right selection of elevator ropes, and so on. The fees collected were donated to the Elevator & Escalator Safety Trust.

As Amit Gossain, the Chairman-Elevators & Escalators Division, IEEMA and the Managing Director of KONE Elevators India said: “The main objective of organizing the show was to integrate transformative technologies with the key pillars of Urban Development, and to highlight India as a Sourcing Hub for Elevator Industry”.

Suraj Thodimarath, President, Elevator & Escalator Component Manufacturers Association of India (EECMAI) commented: “ISEE gave us a great platform to showcase India as a preferred source for the global sourcing of elevator and escalator components and it was wonderful to see so many companies taking advantage of this opportunity”.

President Masimo Bezzi, President of the European Federation for Elevator Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (EFESME) said: “I believe it is important for us to be present here as we strongly believe and support fairs like ISEE which in turn are promoting and supporting small and medium sized companies investing in the quality and development of the products and improving the knowledge of installer and maintenance companies. I am glad ISEE has proven to be an excellent exhibition and forum for the various parties to meet and discuss”.

 TAK  Mathews, the Principal Consultant of TAK Consulting and the organiser of ISEE said, “Over 140 players from the Elevator industry participated in the exhibition. It gave an opportunity to witness the latest technologies in Lifts (Elevators) and Escalators. The event served as a platform for the industry players for networking and to share best practices as well as to showcase India as a sourcing hub for Elevators and Escalators. The response from the industry as well as the supporting associations and organizations was overwhelming.  The technical sessions and the training programs added value and depth to the show.  All in all, ISEE 22 was a very successful event of the industry, benefiting all stakeholders”.

The organizers have announced the next edition of ISEE to take place in Mumbai on 5th, 6th & 7th Dec. 2024.


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