Empowering Women – The Ador Welding way


Today women have equal participation in every sphere of industrial activity.  Why should Welding be an exception?  In fact more and more women are making their career in Welding, more so since inverter technology and digitalization have made welding less arduous and more a pleasure.  Technological innovations and automation have made welding more sophisticated and scientific where women can prove to be more productive.  In fact the trend has already started in various sectors of the industry where welding is a process for production or maintenance.  The Integral Coach Factory of the Indian Railways at Perambur, for instance, is employing a good number of women welders.

One company that is in the forefront of welding education and women empowerment is Ador Welding Ltd., popularly known as ‘Welders to the Nation’.  The Ador Welding Academy has churned out over 1,00,000 welding professionals in a span of four decades.  The company , in the vanguard of welding education and skill development, has a special drive for making welding suitable for all genders.  There are certain processes of welding in which women are doing exceptionally well.  The company has trained girls in aviation welding sector for special equipment fabrication.  “We are working with some companies who share our vision of empowering women.  For instance, we have partnered with Mahindra & Mahindra for training and providing women welders & professionals for their plant at Chakan,” says Ador Welding managing director, Satish Bhat.  The company has teamed with NSDC (National Skill Development Corporation) to train more than 14,000 people in welding. This would include a large number of women welders, welding supervisors and engineers.  This is significant in the wake of the widening gap between demand and supply of welding professionals being faced by the country which is on a growth trajectory especially in the wake of the ‘Make in India’ mission.

The Ador Welding Academy in Pune is engaged in skill training.  It develops innovative tools to support welding skill development & education.  Under Pre-Service Training, the Academy provides employment linked finishing courses for Welders, Supervisors, Engineers & Inspectors. It is working in tandem with regional & national agencies with proposals for competency and assessment standards, complementary training modules and other initiatives that will strengthen the nation’s skill mission.  It also co-develops concurrent certificate modules in welding production with diploma and degree colleges to improve the employability of pass-outs.  Under ‘In-Service Training’, it enhances skill sets and on-the-job performance to meet industry requirements for best manufacturing practices.  Under ‘Technical Training’, it covers a wide range of topics starting from arc physics & controls, to weld defects & remedies, types of welds, materials & microstructures, chemical & mechanical attributes of weld joints, codes & specifications, welder performance qualification, structuring quality plans & policies including occupational health and safety.  And under ‘Graduate Programs’, the Academy works with BE and Engineering Diploma Colleges to provide students with opportunities to improve their employability in welding and manufacturing careers.

In addition to its training centers in Pune and Raipur, the Academy has added four new locations of training in association with partners at Killari, Dist. Latur, Maharashtra; Chandrapur, Maharashta; Hosur, near Bangalore as well as Chennai.  The Academy has the distinction of having contributed to building National Occupation Standards (NOS) and Qualification Pack (QP) for various Sector Skill Councils, and has conducted training for trainers under Automotive Skills Development Council (ASDC)’s sector skill council.

The Academy’s association with Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Research & Training Institute (BARTI) is an on-going and symbiotic one.  The programs under BARTI are also being implemented in Chandrapur and Killari, along with Pune Center.

Ador Welding Ltd. (formerly known as Advani-Oerlikon Ltd.), has been synonymous with welding in India for over 64 years.  Regarded as a pioneer and leader in welding industry, Ador has progressively extended its knowledge and expertise to cater to a sophisticated range of user needs in India, the Middle East, Africa and South-East Asia.  Ador provides a comprehensive range of welding consumables, equipment, services and  Automation solutions to ensure excellence in welding and fabrication in every key sector.  With four manufacturing plants, two technology development centers, eleven sales offices, international office in UAE and more than a hundred distributors across India, Ador partakes effectively in nation-building.

Ador is putting up an impressive show of its capabilities and commitments in Welding at the India Essen Welding & Cutting Fair 2016 being held at the Bombay Exhibition Centre, during 5-7 Oct.

– P.K. Balasubbramaniian


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