IET : The perfect platform for next engineers


Mr. Shekhar Sanyal, Country Head, Institution of Engineering and Technology
Mr. Shekhar Sanyal, Country Head,
Institution of Engineering and
Institution of Engineering and Technology

Every field demands professionals to continuously demonstrate value and upgrade their knowledge and skills. It is no different for engineering professionals. The demands of the work place and the pressure to perform makes it difficult for engineering professionals to make an additional effort or find time to focus on upgrading their knowledge and skills. In such a scenario, being part of a professional body like the IET helps immensely by helping professionals to advance their career through various opportunities that the IET is committed to create for them.

Global Knowledge Network
To begin with, membership to a professional body like the IET helps engineering professionals to connect with peers and co-practitioners across the world and also access cutting edge technical knowledge. Membership opens up a basket of opportunities and benefits including unrivalled access knowledge resources; networking opportunities locally and globally; opportunity to apply to internationally recognised professional qualifications; volunteering opportunities and recognition through scholarships and awards.

Essential Engineering Intelligence
Members can source essential engineering intelligence from the IET’s focus sectors namely Energy, Information and Communications, Transport, Built Environment and Design and Production. The IET is able to offer essential engineering intelligence through the collective expertise of its members, staff and partners.In support of these sectors, the IET publishes more than 100 new titles every year; a rich mix of books, journals (24 titles) and magazines with a back catalogue of over 500 publications. In addition to its printed and electronic publications, the Institution operates Inspec, the leading English language bibliographic information service for scientific and technical literature with 13 million records. The Inspec database is an invaluable information resource for all scientists and engineers, thatcontain13 million abstracts and specialised indexing to the world’s quality research literature in the fields of physics and engineering.Additionally, through sector focused events, networking platforms, journals and papers, weare able to provide a focal point for members to exchange knowledge and source engineering intelligence in the sector they belong, to enhance their career.

Professional Home for Life
Membership of a professional organisation can be the one constant that engineers can rely on for support throughout their career. The IET understands how important a membership organisation is in supporting a professional throughout his or her career and therefore strives to be a Professional Home for Life for its members.

When you become a member of the IET, you sign up to receive long term and unrivalled value for every stage of your career lifecycle. Whether it is your student days or your crucial early professional years, or your mid/late career, IET will be your anchor point, enhancing your professional development across all stages.

  • For student members: The IET gives the much needed career support and links to industry majors.
  • For young professionals: The IET membership is a great tool to establish a footprint in the corporate world, network with who’s-who of the industry and also get yourself professionally registered.
  • For professionals in their mid-career: IET provides the platform for its members to hone their management skills to take strategic roles in their career and to raise their profile with a fellowship of the IET.
  • For veteran engineers: Who are retired professionals, wanting to contribute and shape the next generation, IET provides the ideal platform for mentoring and volunteering.

Internationally Recognised Professional Qualifications
Membership to a professional body like the IET affords members an important opportunity to apply for internationally recognised professional registration like CEng and IEng that recognisean engineer’s competence, commitment, skills and experience.Professional registration is an important milestone for any engineer. It establishes their proven knowledge, understanding and competence. In particular, registration shows your peers and employers that you have demonstrated a commitment to professional standards, and to developing and enhancing competence.

Professional engineering bodies provide a range of fulfilling volunteering opportunities that will give engineers global exposure as well as an opportunity to learn a host of new skill sets while networking with engineering professionals from across the spectrum.