Meccalte India : The legacy of excellence in alternator manufacturing


Q. MECCALTE has gained credible market share in an electrical industry, brief us about overall outlook for your company? (Domestic & global presence)

Traditionally, Mecc Alte have been offering a single product range – Synchronous Alternators from 1 – 5000kVA, right from portable alternators to industrial alternators and MV/HV alternators for power generation. We offer 2 pole and 4 pole alternators that provide best in class efficiencies and excel in other performance parameters as well. We are the largest manufacturers of 2 Pole machines in India.

Mecc Alte India has come a long way since 2010 when we first started in India. Today, we are manufacturing 5kVA to 750kVA industrial alternators here and also providing higher kVA alternators from other Mecc Alte units across the globe. Our continuous growth in the Indian market is a testimony to the broad based acceptance of the product by Indian clients.

In 1954 Mecc Alte made the first synchronous Alternator in Italy, and since 1972, Mecc Alte has been single mindedly focusing only on design and manufacture of high quality Alternators for which it provides end-to-end solutions. Today we have manufacturing facilities in Italy, India, UK and China. While we encourage partnerships with Customers and Suppliers, we pride ourselves in being a totally Independent Company. In other words, we do not compete with our Customers, as many other Manufacturers do. We are amongst the leading manufacturers of Industrial Alternators globally, and the largest independent supplier in the world.

Q. How about Meccalte’s initiatives in electrical space? Which are your focus areas?

Mecc Alte has been a highly focused company in the field of industrial alternators. And that has been the reason for the success of the product across the globe. We have continuously improved our alternators based on our research and customer feedback. We have consistently delivered best in class alternators to our customers which offer superior value for their investment. Our recent upgradations have been in the field of digital voltage regulation, Excitation systems, RFI Filters and technologies for synchronization and output voltage control.

As a part of our endeavor to offer superior products, Mecc Alte has introduced value added accessories in the field of Genset electricals:
a) Genset Controller
b) Engine Controller
c) Battery Chargers

These products carry the same class and quality as that of Mecc Alte Alternators.

Q. How do you encounter the needs of electrical products in domestic and industrial market?

As a leading manufacturer of industrial alternators, we have consistently addressed our customer requirements through product modifications and innovations. Mecc Alte offers highly specialized products for niche segments for global markets as below:
Marine Power: We offer a complete range of alternators for very large and also small vessels and pleasure boats. Our alternators carry all the necessary approvals that are an indicator of the product quality and reliability.

Telecom: This segment is a regular user of Mecc Alte alternators for both prime power and standby power applications in the urban and the most remote territories of the world.

Hospitals and Oxygen Generation units for Covid19 Centres: Mecc Alte India is the largest supplier of alternators to cater to the growing requirement in these segments

Railways: Mecc Alte is a respected name in the Rail Alternators due to its very high reliability and efficiency. Global customers like Bombardier, Alstom and Liebherr bear testimony to our product quality.
Agriculture and Irrigation: Here we offer not only the complete range of base alternators for continuous power but also standby Power Take-off (PTO) alternators that run on tractor engines. Irrigation alternators can work under very humid conditions.

Hydro Power: Mecc Alte Hydro Power alternators are custom designed to match specific requirements and deliver highly reliable power solutions.

Data Centres: The advanced digital Automatic Voltage Regulator and superior build specifications ensure that Mecc Alte alternators are extremely suitable for supporting UPS systems and electrical installations. Mecc Alte alternators are designed to provide both backup or primary power for data centres.

Aviation: Due to very high reliability of Mecc Alte 400Hz Aircraft alternators from 5 to 200kVA, they are used in ground power units GPU where power supply is critical

Lighting Towers: Mecc Alte provides a wide range of Lighting Alternators both for light duty or largescale industrial lighting. Our single phase capacitor controlled alternators, DC Alternators or Permanent Magnet Alternators as per the demands of the application

Mobile Power: Our range of portable alternators have digital electronic regulator with auxiliary that will ensure that you receive a steady power continuously.

Captive Power Generation: Mecc Alte Combined Heat and Power alternators are designed for very high reliability and can generate heat and power simultaneously at an optimum efficiency.

Meccalte India product alternator

Q. What are the market opportunities for MECCALTE in India? How do you plan to position these products?

In the Indian market we have very significant opportunities in all the segments mentioned earlier. From a manufacturing perspective we are continuously moving towards higher HP alternators to cover the entire range of requirements from India. Our products are under consideration for use in the Indian Railways. We also perceive opportunities in the field of alternators for agricultural applications and lighting towers. The drastic scale-up of medical infrastructure across India due to Covid19 has created a big requirement for Gensets that need our alternators & Mecc Alte India has played a pivotal role in supporting the same.

Mecc Alte has always being known for highly efficient and cost effective industrial alternators. We have introduced the latest series of highly efficient alternators branded as C-Type which is a step in the same direction. Our customers will also find superior value in the accessories that we will introduce shortly. In addition our value added alternator accessories will also provide to our customers a single window service for all products related to alternators.

Q. As a manufacturing company, how do you rate India vis-à-vis competition from low cost manufacturers like China & other countries, especially for the electrical products? How do you balance cost competitiveness and quality?

The cost of manufacture of an alternator is a result of various costs like manpower cost, raw material cost, finance cost, process cost, logistics cost etc. In addition, product technology has a huge impact on the cost and Mecc Alte has been optimizing the product technology in line with the market requirements. At the same time we have always ensured that our quality is right on top. We also ensure that the design is amenable to easy and affordable After Sales Service.

In the recent past, the costs of all key raw materials like steel, Copper, Aluminium, Resin has risen sharply across the world. The manpower cost in India is still one of the lowest. The most important parameter however is the manpower productivity and the level of automation. If we use the right level of automation and continuous productivity improvement techniques like TPM, it is my belief that cost in India will be among the lowest in the world, despite our higher logistic cost. This helps us in achieving the right balance between product quality and cost competitiveness.

Q. What are the key technological trends that are driving electrical industry?

The Genset based electrical power generation industry in India is perpetually looking at more and more efficient ways to generate power and also working on alternate energy sources which are sustainable and environment friendly. The engine manufacturers are all set to explore alternate fuels that can help achieve lower levels of pollution. The alternators are also improving continuously and offering features like superior voltage regulation (auto tuning) and web based online controls. Our next generation digital voltage regulator – MAVR also provides much more flexibility and smarter controls. Our online service support takes care of customers in remote locations also.

Q. What is your vision for your company?

Mecc Alte is a leading brand of alternators across the world. Apart from our superior product and technology, we also have a strong team that can provide solutions for any critical application. My vision for Mecc Alte India is not only to be known as the Gold Standard for alternators in the country, but also as a Company that provides outstanding support and application development for the customers.

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