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Q. Tell us something about your humble beginnings way back in 1992.

Year of Establishment of the Company: 11th October 1992. A journey of an ordinary boy with an extraordinary vision. After completing graduation in the year 1990, I moved ahead towards achieving my childhood dream of becoming a booming entrepreneur by keeping the betterment of human life in my heart.

Being familiar with and involved in the family business of Instrumentation since childhood, I was always looking to start my own enterprise.

Since during my service with M/s Lawrence & Mayo, Mumbai, selling Scientific, Metrological, Safety Gas Detectors, Weather Monitoring, and Vacuum systems, I got to know the future need for Pollution & Environment Monitoring equipment in INDIA as a developing nation and in world.

With a meager cash amount of Rs.140, I accepted the challenge and established my own business enterprise, M/S. PRIMA EQUIPMENT in October 1992.

The experience of visiting Process & Chemical Industries of varied categories during my job period, help me to understand the future market of Safety, Pollution & Environment Monitoring Equipment requirements. The first decade was very struggling with the challenge of developing business and creating awareness among industries for the benefits of Gas Detectors for Safety, Pollution & Environment Monitoring Equipment for reducing pollution and saving and conserving the environment.

As being born in the chemical industrial zone state and knowing the tough environmental conditions of industries, we, while designing products, kept our first priority on having ruggedness and sustainability of our Equipment in the harsh environment. Electronic PCBs’, Controllers, Panels, Enclosures, Sensors, etc used in building equipment were ensured to withstand the toughest industrial environment. This has again made us different than other players. In those periods, major Gas detectors and analyzers in India were Imported and were surely out of reach to Small & Medium size industries to even think.

That’s how PRIMA since 1992, help industries to provide reliable solutions at their door stop at affordable cost.

Q. Which was the turning point in your career life?

PRIMA, later in the year 1998 first time got the opportunity to develop Continuous Stack Gas Emission Monitoring equipment, and the journey of Design, Development with Innovation, and providing solutions as per customer needs started.

Since, then PRIMA’s goal is to provide solutions for Pollution & Environment Monitoring applications of Industries, rather than only supplying equipment. Surely, this approach, made us different from others. PRIMA established its name as a Custom-Built Equipment solution provider, hence got worthy appreciation from Industries.

We have also witnessed many of Imported Equipment Manufacturers has followed our innovative concept of equipment manufacturing and providing solutions.
This USP of PRIMA “Providing solutions rather than just equipment” translated into a very specific place in the field of Pollution & Environment Monitoring Equipment business.

“Think Globally…..Search Locally” slogan became very popular in the field and help in creating a special image and space in the market.

The PRIMA approach towards Innovation and Development has paid back with lots of appreciation from industries.

MADE IN INDIA has been a proud concept for us since 1992, hence ensured to provide solutions to industries with possible locally developed technology, hence can save huge FOREX of our nation. The process of Innovation and self-design and development approach of PRIMA, has taken a ride of growth in this very specific domain.

Q. Today you are into monitoring equipment for creating a clean environment. What’s your range of manufacture and what are the solutions you offer?

We manufacture Gas Emission Measurement systems with Principle based on Electrochemical, NDIR, NDUV, UV-DOAS, Laser, PID, FTIR with self-developed Hardware, Auto Gas Sampling & Conditioning Device, Probes – Heated/Non-heated, Remote Calibration Device, IoT Based Real-Time Data Transmission, Real-Time Normalization device, Microprocessor, Software.

We manufacture a Dust Emission Measurement system with Principal based on Tribo Electric (AC/DC), Electrodynamic, Laser Scattering (F/B) & Opacity with self-developed Hardware, Microprocessor & software.

We provide complete solutions for CEMS for Dust and Gas Measurement.

Prima is also a solution provider and manufacturer of CEMS installation in Flame Proof Zone-2 areas.
Prima mainly offers CEMS for Stack Gas and PM/DUST/Opacity, Fuel Gas Monitors & Saving Analyzers, Personal Safety Gas Monitor/Detector, Oxygen Monitors, Toxic & Combustible Gas Detectors and Ambient Air Quality Monitors, Indoor Air Quality Monitors & Environment Monitoring system.

Q. How do you instill quality in your products which are meant to monitor air quality in the environment? Any challenges in compliance-related issues?

As PRIMA being ISO 9001 certified company since 2006 with Design and Development as inclusion, has really helped in developing the sense of perfectness and quality output.

Rigorously following the quality management system, 5S, and continual training for the same to team members, have developed a mindset of team members to produce nothing less than the best. Our approach towards ruggedness, smooth operating, and user-friendly equipment development has won us many testimonials.

In PRIMA, we have adopted to use of only genuine components and raw materials, hence assured quality output.

Our Electronic assembly area is a Clean room with ESD (Electro static discharge) facility, hence further ensuring error-free and quality output of electronic cards with sophisticated microelectronic components assembled, hence assured desired output.

Many a time, it was hard to sell our Indian equipment in Government Sectors and Big corporate companies as they used to put specifications of their requirement of imported equipment only. We have found little change in a recent couple of years.

However, due to limited Equipment Testing laboratories infrastructure & facilities in India for international standards, has developed a big challenge for Made in India manufacturers and to compete against international suppliers.

Please throw some light on your infrastructure and resources.

  • Build-up manufacturing facility of 28,000 sq. feet area in 40,000 sq. feet land.
  • Dedicated Research & Development department for continual innovation.
  • Technical Department for Application support.
  • Production & Assembly Area
  • Product Gallery area, showcasing the full range of products at any point in time.
  • Customer Service support and In-house service department.
  • Design department
  • Marketing & Sales Department
  • Administration department with Finance, Logistics, Accounts, and HR activities.
  • Purchase & Stores department.
  • First of its kind ISO/IEC 17025 accredited Performance Testing Facility as per DIN EN 15267-3, EN14181, EN 15269 standards in ASIA.
  • First of its kind ISO/IEC 17025 accredited Calibration Facility for Gas detectors, monitors, and analyzers in INDIA.
  • Analytical Laboratory for Air, Water, and Solid waste analysis.
  • Conference room and Training Room with 50+ person seating capacity.
  • Canteen
  • Security Area.
  • Environment-friendly atmosphere with surrounding gardens with effective trees and plants.
  • Entire factory under CCTV Surveillance.

Capacity to produce more than 500 systems and 2000+ portable equipment.

Q. Innovation is the key to the success of any business. Do you work on continuous improvement of your products and pass on the benefit to your existing customers?

Yes, in the true sense.

Prima is the 1st & only company in ASIA to have an ISO/IEC 17025:2017 accredited Performance Testing Laboratory for Automated Monitoring System / Continuous Emission Monitoring System as per DIN EN 15267, EN 14181, EN 15259 Standards and being accredited by IAS, USA.

Prima is the oldest manufacturer of emission monitoring systems in India and invests heavily in making its products logically suitable and customized to client requirements in strict adherence to the CPCB guidelines requirement.

Dr. Pritesh M. Shah, says, “We must focus on Intentions for Installation of EMS-Environment Monitoring System rather than focusing on Enforcing. Prima is the indigenous developer of solutions providing mechanisms rather than directing to installation EMS. We meet client expectations by convincing them about Self-developed technology, hence affordable CAPEX (Capital cost), OPEX (operating cost), and MAINTEX (maintenance cost) through our services. Our service call turnaround time is very short along with less expense and just-in-time spares availability.

Q. Which are your target markets, and who are your major customers?

Petrochemical, Refineries, Pharmaceuticals, Sugar & Distillery, Fertilizer, Foods & Beverages, Chlor Alkali, Bio-Medical & Hazardous Waste, Power Plants, Cement, Textile, Aluminium, Chemical, Iron & Steel, Dye & Intermediates, Pulp & Paper, Laboratories, Pollution Control Boards and Environmental Agencies…

Q. What are your major achievements in helping the industry in its journey towards zero discharge and sustainable development?

As mentioned, earlier, provide EMS solutions to Indian industries with LOW CAPEX, OPEX & MAINTEX with International Standard testing facilities and compliance.

The smallest of the industry has now reached out to EMS and installed the same to contribute to Greener INDIA.

Q. How do you partake in nation-building?

Contributing to the development of India by saving FOREX by providing Make in India solutions. Our EMS is of International standards and yet affordable, hence is easily purchased by the smallest of industries and can contribute to Greener India too.

Q. What is the future of air pollution monitoring? And how do you envision your future?

Its ever requirement till human life exists. It is in tremendous requirement at every level for Safety, Health, Polluting & Environmental monitoring, and conservation domain.

PRIMA, envisage a huge potential for being instrumental in providing the most reliable, affordable environmental monitoring solutions, not only in INDIA, however Internationally.

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