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For all requirements of refrigeration and air conditioning systems

Testo India new logoFew applications in building technology are as complex as refrigeration technology. For a refrigeration or air conditioning system to run smoothly, multiple parameters must be perfectly adjusted and in complete harmony with each other. Pressure, temperature, superheating and subcooling requires full attention of the refrigeration professionals. But what about current, voltage or humidity, for example? These measurement parameters are often neglected – yet they also have a significant impact on whether a system performs in accordance with the specifications.

Digital manifolds: All parameters at a glance

Compact all-rounders such as the digital manifold testo 557s are indispensable for regulating refrigeration and air conditioning systems efficiently. In contrast to analog instruments, the users can here depend on the accuracy of the measurement values, and immediately see all system parameters at a glance. And whoever needs an even more compact product can go for the App-controlled manifold testo 550i – the smallest manifold on the market.

Vacuum measuring instruments: Evacuate systems safely

The evacuation of a refrigeration system is a crucial step in the initial or subsequent commissioning of a refrigeration system. Vacuum measuring instruments from Testo support you in removing air and humidity from a system. With the vacuum probe testo 552i, this is done entirely without hoses or cables: The App-controlled measuring instrument is simply connected directly onto the service port.

Leak detectors: Track down leaks

If a system is not running properly, a search for refrigerant leaks is among the routine jobs. Even the smallest leaks can have grave consequences in the long run. Not only for the performance and safety of the plant, but also for the environment. To be on the safe side here, Testo offers the leakage detector testo 316-2-EX, a robust and precise solution which doesn’t miss a leak.

Thermometers: Keep a tight rein on temperature.

In addition to pressure, temperature is one of the crucial parameters of a refrigeration system. What’s special about the clamp thermometer testo 115i: It connects automatically by Bluetooth to the testo manifolds, but can also be operated via the testo Smart App. This means there are no cables in the way, and the measurement values are all securely stored n the manifold or the App.

 Testo Smart App Application testo-550i-01

Electrical measuring instruments: More safety & precision

The search for faults in a system can be time-consuming and includes checks of power supply and voltage. Testo offers, among others, the clamp meter testo 770-3 for exactly these applications. With its completely retractable pincer arm, it can be used even in tight spaces. And it can also be operated via the testo Smart App.

Documentation: Digital and thorough

A necessary evil or an important part of the refrigeration professional’s job? There are different opinions of the documentation of jobs on refrigeration and air conditioning systems. But one thing is clear: The days when proof of a refrigeration job cost you time and nerves, are over. With the testo Smart App and the PC software testo DataControl, Testo’s range has two solutions which allow refrigeration professionals to say goodbye to paperwork.

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