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Q. What is your opinion about E-mobility sector from Indian economy perspective?

With the growing environmental concerns, the government is taking initiatives for the vehicle users to move towards e-mobility options. A very robust grid & charging infrastructure is required for the users to get comfort for switching to electric / hybrid vehicles. In our opinion e-mobility will open up opportunities for increasing renewables business and encourage entrepreneurs to start developing and supplying solutions to OEM’s

Q. What does India needs to do boost E-mobility sector?

A strong & long term commitment of support to all Vehicle OEM’s by extending incentives, reduced tax structure. Encourage to all individual & fleet owners by offering competitive prices of vehicles and long-term incentives & loans at low interest.

Q. Do you think Indian car sector is reluctant in taking great leap in E-mobility sector?

We find that vehicle manufacturers & their vendors are gearing up their OEM’s and are keen for a switchover, however long-term commitment of support from the government will motivate the sector to invest and push up the sales of e-vehicles

Q. What support you expect from Government to increase sales hybrid vehicles?

A strong & long term commitment of support to all Vehicle OEM’s by extending incentives, reduced tax structure.

Q. We learnt that HARTING has entered E-mobility sector? Please throw some light on it.

Harting EV charging guns

HARTING is Market leader in Electric Connector & Connectivity solutions. Since our components & solutions have performed in various applications, our customers have always been supportive and treated us as a partner in their business.

We have been receiving requests from our customer asking for charging solutions in India, hence we decided to launch and offer a composite on-board & charging solution by which we could offer our customers a one-stop shop support since such solutions were existing in our portfolio for European customers.

Q. What are the products you are offering in E-mobility sector?

We have a wide range of Electrical & Electronic Power, Data Signal connectors which are used in all market segments. These connectors have proven performance and reliability. Using our experience, we are offering connectors+ connectivity solutions for on-board applications & we also offer our EV Charging Gun assembly in various standards / combinations.

Q. How are your products superior to your competitors?

We offer products and solutions which meet global specifications at local cost.
E-mobility solutions that we have launched are already approved and used by many vehicle manufacturers worldwide. EV Charging Guns have been built and tested for high safety and reliability. They meet all global standards and offer very high life and operating cycles.

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