TEXSPIN Bearing & Automotive Systems: Technology driven growth with innovative solutions


Q. How would you introduce yourself to a new audience?

If you insist to introduce myself then I would like to introduce myself as the guide of an extremely passionate, innovative, committed and technically competent team of people which form the core of the organization I head as its Managing Director known globally as TEXSPIN® Bearings Ltd. However, given the opportunity, I would like to introduce the organization I head more than introducing myself as a company in relentless pursuit of innovative solution for the global automotive industry with a firm commitment to technology. Since its inception in 1961 TEXSPIN® has been very closely associated with the global automotive industry in providing innovative solutions to meet their requirement of bearings and associated sub-assemblies.

In introducing the organization, it would be pertinent on my part to gratefully mention the tremendous and unmatched contribution made by my predecessor over the last six decades in building up TEXSPIN® to a globally recognized innovative technical solution provider to the automotive industry. TEXSPIN was established in 1961 under the leadership of Honourable Founder and Chairman, Chunilal Makwana, a great technical visionary with impeccable Technical skills and a strong vision of business processes and opportunities. In the middle of last century, the western region of India was a major textile manufacturing hub earning it the name of “Manchester of the East” and therefore the earliest foray of TEXSPIN was into import substitution of textile bearings which inspired the name “TEX (Textile) SPIN (Spinning)” . However towards the mid-sixties, the automotive industry was putting up a firm footing into the Indian manufacturing landscape and it was then due to the demand of the growing automotive industry in the western region, TEXSPIN shifted focus to automotive bearings, components and system and by early seventies emerged as a major contributor to the automotive industry. Today TEXSPIN is one of the major contributors to the automotive industry and is recognized as a leading supplier of technological products, components & systems with innovative customized solutions.

Q. You offer a plethora of Bearings for the automotive industry. What’s your present range of manufacture?

TEXSPIN has a firm belief that it is possible for the interaction between indigenous technologies and world benchmark requirement to generate Specific and Customized technological solutions. TEXSPIN’s passion for innovation through indigenous research and development for adapting global technologies for the rugged Indian conditions has carved out a niche for itself as a provider of unmatched innovative solutions and products predominantly to the automotive industry and to other engineering industry.

Besides the conventional ball, taper & cylindrical bearings, brand TEXSPIN® is very closely associated with the release bearing solutions, suspension bearing solutions and steering bearing solutions. TEXSPIN® in fact has been in the forefront for pioneering the technological upgradation and advancement in the clutch release bearings and have been working with almost all the Indian automotive OEMs to bring about continuous technological improvement in the release bearing starting from conversion of the radial ball bearing technology to the angular contact technology, the self-centering technology to the light weight combination technology to the latest hydraulic release bearing (CSC), TEXSPIN® has been the pioneers in introduction of these advanced technologies to the automotive manufacturers in India.

TEXSPIN® is majorly focused on Technological Products, components & systems with customized solutions with major focus on the three pillars of Clutch, Wheel & Transmission systems in the automotive industry. TEXSPIN® continuous growth is supported by its Research & Development Center which guarantees a number of innovations and a no of patents in its name to serve the high standard set by the automotive industry. TEXSPIN® has over the decades established an extensive and dedicated Testing & Validation center which is a great complement to support its quest for New Technology & Innovation. We have developed and diversified into manufacture of niche technological solution like the advanced Clutch Release Bearings, Concentric Slave Cylinder, patented Hydro Pneumatic Concentric Slave Cylinder, Wheel end technological solutions like the Unitized Taper Roller bearings, Match-Set bearings, Wheel Hub Units, Kingpin Bearings, Zero Drop Kingpin solution, Patented Synchronizer solution, Intermediate cones, Detent Pins, One-way Clutch, Traction Rings and many other customized Taper Roller bearings, Ball Bearings and Cylindrical Roller Bearings.

Q. Bearings are high-tech, highly engineered products. What are your capabilities to produce these cutting-edge bearings?

TEXSPIN® specializes in providing innovative and customized solutions where ideas are put into realization by a process of product design from conception to simulation, validation and production with most advanced modeling, analysis and simulation software. TEXSPIN® follows stringent Quality checks & control measures to ensure highest quality products conforming to international quality Standards. Quality Management is applied from design stage to Dispatch of products to meet our aim of zero defect supplies.

To create innovative technological products and solutions, there is an equal need for developing specialized manufacturing processes, special purpose machines (SPM) and testing & validation equipment. TEXSPIN® has a dedicated, highly skilled team and state-of-the art facility for development and manufacture of special purpose machines, automated assembly line and testing & validation equipment and rigs. TEXSPIN® has a dedicated Testing and validation center which ensure that all its products are tested and validated to the rigorous standards set by the automotive industry. It enables our testing engineers to characterize, validate and extensively examine every functional aspect of the product by simulating the operating condition in the test rig.

TEXSPIN® deploys automated production & assembly machines designed & developed in-house and it has established its credibility in manufacturing of sheet metal parts, engineering plastic injection molding parts, in-house capability of advanced tools and dies and has developed advanced & innovative grinding & super finishing process all under one roof.
With all these high end capabilities, validation software & state of the art Test rigs, TEXSPIN® is able to offer robust products exceeding customer expectations.

Q. You champion in providing customized solutions. Please narrate some of the recent tailor-made solutions you have offered to the industry?

TEXSPIN®’s is recognized globally for its clutch release bearing solution which is a completely customized solution and forms a major part of its product offering. Each clutch release bearing is customized for its application and we are one of the leading global solution providers in the segment. We have been reinforcing the technological upgradation in this product category and have introduced the patented 3D Self Centering Clutch Release bearing for automotive application. TEXSPIN® has also developed the first of its kind Hydro-Pneumatic CSC which will significantly reduce the Clutch Pedal Effort for the bigger Commercial vehicles and give relief to the Truck & Bus drivers with a smooth and fatigueless driving experience
TEXSPIN is also a leading manufacturer of niche and highly customized products which have very limited global manufacturers and are supplying these parts primarily to the export market as well as to the domestic market e.g. 4-Point Contact zero clearance steering column bearing, Detent Pin & patented stamped Synchronizer sets for Transmission etc. Besides this Texspin holds patent for certain niche technological products which are exclusively manufactured by Texspin, eg: Stamped One way Clutch, Stamped Clutch Body ring, Zero Drop Kingpin Assembly, etc.

TEXSPIN® is the leading manufacturer and supplier of suspension king pin bearings and shafts in the domestic automotive industry. It has put its engineering excellence and decades of experience in design and development for creating the patented “Zero Drop Kingpin Assembly” which is the latest technology used in the axles of Commercial vehicles. It increases the life of the assembly and reduces maintenance and downtime of the vehicle. This new technology also reduces the jerks and wobbling of the wheel and gives far better comfort and an experience of a smooth drive.

Q. Automotive industry demands bearings of impeccable quality and dependability. How do you instill quality, reliability and precision in your products?

TEXSPIN® is focused on providing the latest designed and technological products and is committed to offering new and upgraded technological products with the changing technology landscape and customer expectation. This we have been widely deploying in the automotive industry with high value addition, which we are keen to offer our customers. TEXSPIN’s® standard for Quality is oriented towards meeting the expectations and requirements of our customers. TEXSPIN® is an IATF certified company and all international standards and Statutory regulations are rigorously followed and the work in all areas is based on the objective of continuous improvement with the aim of achieving “zero defects” and measures to ensure defect prevention and minimization of risk for creating high values eventually.

Advanced quality management system demands implementation of process automation and adoption of advanced manufacturing technology and stringent automatic in process controls to ensure consistent zero defect products and TEXSPIN has dedicated highly skilled team and state-of- the-art facility for development and manufacture of special purpose machines, automated assembly line and complete process control mechanism for achieving and exceeding the impeccable quality and dependability requirement

Q. Please throw some light on your production facilities and manufacturing excellence.

TEXSPIN® is the oldest bearing manufacturing company in India and since its establishment in 1961 it has been catering to the stringent needs of the Automotive Industry by continuous improvements in its manufacturing process and systems. TEXSPIN® deploys automated production & assembly machines designed and developed in-house. Currently there are two manufacturing plants in Ranpur with fully automatic lines and advanced process and quality control systems. Besides the bearing manufacturing facility, it also has a high end sheet metal stamping facility and engineering plastic injection moulding facility TEXSPIN firmly believes that to achieve manufacturing excellence backward and forward integration of all critical processes needs to be integrated and controlled under one roof. In line with its objective of achieving manufacturing excellence we have integrated all critical process starting from the Heat Treatment process with fully automatic SCADA controlled HT Plant to complete facility for design and manufacture of all tooling and dies TEXSPIN has been continuously focusing on integration of all critical to quality processes.

Q. What are your major milestones in your journey spanning over six decades? How do you ensure customer delight every time? Who are your major customers?

We are an organization which has over 6 decade of rich history and during these 60 years we have crossed many milestone starting from being the first bearing manufacturing company to manufacturing the first automotive bearing in India to launching many niche products for the first time in India to getting many customer accolades to expanding our manufacturing capacity the list is quite exhaustive. But overall we have had a very eventful and deeply satisfying 60 years of our existence and look forward to creating many milestones on our journey forward.

TEXSPIN®’S reputation has made it possible to be a technology partner to many automotive OEM both in India and overseas. Without naming any specific customer/s I’m delighted to mention that we are one of the leading bearing and associated solution providers to the global automotive industry and are serving all the major manufacturers in two & three wheeler, passenger car, commercial vehicle and tractor & construction equipment sectors.

Q. Have you also set your footprints overseas?

TEXSPIN® has its footprints across the globe and we serve customers across Europe, North America, South America, Middle East, Asia & Australia which contribute more than 20% or our business turnover.

Q. Like the rest of the industry, you must have also reeled under the impact of Covid-19. How could you keep yourself afloat during the most testing times?

The last one and half years have been challenging for us like any other industry across the globe. Its once a a lifetime happening and as such there was nothing much we could do other than being guided by our values and instincts. During this difficult period we were guided by one of our strongest value of being with our customers and meet their needs ofcourse taking care of the safety and wellbeing of our employees. We were fortunate that some of our customers continued their production during this period and as such we only had a couple of weeks of lockdown in our production facility and otherwise continued to run our plants with all precaution to meet the customer requirements.

Q. What are your growth strategies to take Texpin to greater heights?

We have a very ambitious growth aspirations and have a 5 years growth strategy & plan ready on which we are working on. Over the last decade we have been growing at a CAGR of over 20% and we intend to continue in this growth trajectory going ahead. We are also working on many new technological solutions which we plan to introduce in the next 5 years. E Mobility is an emerging market segment and we are focusing on this market segment very closely not only as a business prospect but more so for making our small contribution to ensure that we can pass on the baton to our next generation in a greener and pollution free world and make it a much better place to live in.

Q. How do you look at the future of the bearings industry in India vis-à-vis that of Texpin.

As the industry and the world evolve and change, TEXSPIN® is fully aware and focused on the fact that in the changing scenario, technology and innovation would be the two key pillars for propelling growth and exceeding the customer’s expectations. With over 60 years of experience and over 1000 experienced employees dedicated to the culture of quality and innovation TEXSPIN® is committed to exceed the high standards of the automotive industry.