2500A Digital Clamp Meter, KUSAM-MECO

Model- KM 2779


“KUSAM-MECO” has introduced a very advanced Model of AC/DC Clamp Meter Model KM 2779 with High Safety CAT IV 600V, CAT III 1000V. It is a AC TRMS Clamp Meter with 6000 Counts with a large jaw size 63 mm. It has maximum range of 2500 Amps AC & DC; 1000V AC & DC; Resistance range up to 6MΩ, Capacitance up to 60mF; Frequency up to 60MHz; Temperature up to -40°C ~ 10000C (K Type Thermocouple). It is an autoranging Clampmeter.

It is housed in a strong plastic body with high quality magnetic materials jaws to ensure accurate readings & high linearity. It has Diode Test & Continuity range function. It can also record Max/Min readings. It can also indicate duty cycle. It has Low Pass Filter for Ghost Voltages. The Jaw opening is 63mm. It can also measure Inrush Current for motor starting current measurements (100ms).

It has a special function of I-output. It can also indicate Relative measurements. It has 61 Analog Bar Graph & data storage 1000 readings data. It has large display 43mm x 30mm. It is supplied with carrying case, Test Leads, User Manual, Thermocouple & output cable.

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