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Why SubscribeENGINEERING REVIEW ??????

ENGINEERING REVIEW magazine is published by DIVYA MEDIA PUBLICATIONS PVT. LTD. which is India’s leading publisher of industrial magazine.

ENGINEERING REVIEW is always consistent in delivering updated industry information year-on year to engineering & allied industry. It is India’s only leading magazine that analyses the technology trends & provides exclusive updates of projects in India. With an overwhelming response from industry, it has created strong brand recall among the engineering industry.

Important terms & conditions for Subscribers :
  • Printing & Despatch –
    ENGINEERING REVIEW magazine publishes on first week of every month, hence the Printing & delivery of the magazine is scheduled by 1st week of month.
  • Non receipt of magazine –
    Subscriber has to launch a complaint of non-receipt of magazine in writing at withing 15 days of dispatch schedule (mentioned in Printing & Dispatch term).
  • New subscriber –
    For the new subscribers, subscription period will be effective from the coming month magazine under print as per Printing & Dispatch term.
  • International mailing –
    For international subscribers, magazine will be sent through Indian Postal Department service- “PRINTED BOOKS BY REGISTERED POST”

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