Movetech I beam & floor conveyors


I Beam Conveyors

Tracks & Turns: Tracks of l-Sections
(3″ / 5″ / 6″) as per capacity requirement. Turns are provided with guide roller or traction wheels to guide the chain.

CHAIN: Imported High carbon drop Forged rivet less chain & Trolleys available in 3″,
4″ & 6″ sizes.

Drive Unit: Sprocket type/caterpillar type is available, & it can used as per layout requirement. Muli drive units with speed synchronization can be used for longer conveyor loops.

Floor Conveyors

Floor conveyors can carry loads up 50 Kg with single point hooking & 100 Kg max. with the help of load bar. Following are its various specifications.

Chain: The chain is available in 6″, 8″, 10″& 12″ pitch and steel wheels dia.
47mm x 14mm thk – 4nos assembled at each chain pitch. These chain is made of 32mm x 4mm thk En 8 links and En 8 axles of dia.1/2″. The chain pitch avail is double then minimum components.

Drive Unit: Caterpillar is available that can be used as the design requirement

Heavy material Transfer, Plastic, Steel parts, Painting Lines, Assembly Lines, Heavy Vehicle / Parts in Automobile industries, Paint Shops, Food Industries

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