Innovation the pathway to success


Q. Being the key player in the industry, Please brief us company’s journey from inception & share some of the milestones achieved?

Primeroll International Pvt Ltd is a part of one of the largest bearing distribution group in India and is authorized exclusive distributor for Rollway, McGill & Sealmaster brands in India.
All the brands come from the family of Regail Beloit, USA a leading technology leader which brings over a century of engineering experience to efficiently convert power into motion.

Primeroll International Pvt Ltd began its operations recently with the broadest product lines has rapidly become a single source for all bearing solutions. With the overwhelming market response its fast achieving a preferred partner tag in the industry. In a short span of time we have been recognize by our customers for quality products and services.

Primeroll International Bearing

Q. Please brief us about company’s infrastructure & what are the technology alliances that has been made in order to out-front the competition?

Primeroll has well established regional distribution network which provides timely deliveries and support to our clients, going further we are expanding aggressively and increasing our Nation wide footprint to bring solutions closer to the client locations. I believe, our speed and scalability will help us achieve this in a very short time.

It has been our endeavor to bring to you new developments in bearing technology from time to time, so that our valued customers are helped to minimize their operational costs to be competitive. Our principal company Regail Beloit USA is committed to developing and producing energy efficient products and systems that not only improve the productivity of our society, but also reduce the power required to deliver the motion.

Our products and services are built on a rich foundation of history. A history that goes back over 100 years and includes industry leading patents. Today, that history reflects on our current portfolio. Our latest lines of bearings, components and services are built on years of proven reliability and feature the latest advancements and technological breakthroughs. Because of our rich heritage of innovation, we are continuously designing products and providing services to meet the needs of tomorrow. Backed by extraordinary technological capabilities and resources, we at primeroll can deliver customized, competitively valuable solutions that meet the unique needs of each of our customers.

Q. What are the products manufactured by your company?

Prime roll brings to you more than an array of well-respected product brands from Regal®.: Rollway, McGill & Sealmaster, each of these brands brings years of time-tested reliability and proven performance results. Together they deliver a product line unparalleled in its range.

With the broadest product lines available anywhere, we offer the ability to bundle products and develop custom solutions that save you both time and money.

Products from Prime roll serve industries as diverse as our solutions themselves. We work closely with each market, to understand the day-to-day challenges and issues that each one faces. That means you get tailored solutions that bring innovation to every application

Among the industries we serve are:

  • Steel
  • Minerals and mining
  • Oil & Gas
  • Packaging Machinery
  • Pulp & Paper
  • Cement
  • Construction
  • Power Transmission
  • Agriculture
  • Material Handling
  • Crane & Hoist
  • Machine tools
  • Power generation
  • Food Industry
  • Transportation

Our product range from our brands are :
Rollway: Comprehensive range of Hi Precision ball and roller bearings for industrial applications inclusive of Cylindrical, Tapered, Angular and Spherical Bearings

McGill: Unmounted bearing and other unmounted bearing brands. McGill bearings provide solutions to a wide variety of industrial applications. The branded products include: CAMROL®, TRAKROL®, CAGEROL®, GUIDEROL® and SPHERE-ROL® bearings.

SealMaster: Mounted ball and roller bearings designed for optimal performance with patented features to keep contaminants out and allow bearings to run in the toughest of environments.

Q. What is your marketing strategy for India?

Clients are at the heart of all business; everything revolves around the customer. If you want to grow, your clients must grow first. Hence our strategy is very simple we have partnership approach with our clients which helps them attain productivity and increase profitability. With experienced professionals having technical expertise and round the clock support we always believe in going the extra mile to deliver excellence and outmatching expectations.

Our commitment towards our customers and array of innovative, value-added product solutions gives us the edge and will enable us to lead the future.

Q. Product innovation through R&D is vital to be a leader in the competition, as per your opinion, how does R&D plays the role of catalyst in the success process?

Customers today value innovative solutions and high efficiencies. We believe that innovation is critical to our future growth and success and are committed to investing in new products, technologies and processes that deliver real value to our customers.

Regal’s R&D division owns number of US patents and foreign patents – a clear indication of legacy of innovation and a self-reliance on its own independent research capabilities. The aim is clear – to ensure technology leadership remains sustainable and effective solutions are found for customer’s needs.

Regal has a Global Technology Centre at Pune the state-of-the-art facility is the new home for over 90 engineers and technicians. The well-equipped facility supports new product development as well as engineering support and software development for Regal’s customers worldwide. Prime roll is intrinsically involved and committed to develop new breakthroughs for its customers.

Increasingly, our research and development and other engineering efforts have focused on smart

Products that communicate and allow for monitoring, diagnostics and predictive maintenance.

Q. Quality standards are bench marked by the product performance; please brief us how do you maintain the quality norms since from solution development to implementation?

Over the years, our principal and brands have won numerous quality and product awards and recognition from customers, trade associations, and magazines. Our products are of high quality, dependable, “Mission Critical” for a wide array of applications around the world. You will find our products running industrial plants, chemical facilities, mining operations, and oil and gas platforms.

The design, production, sale and service of all products are integrated into our Management System. This conforms to quality standards, certification and best practices in the industry. The Company stands for the highest quality, outstanding technology and distinctive innovative ability. Our standard for quality is oriented towards meeting the expectations and requirements of our customers.

Q. According you what are the factors affecting to your business?

Counterfeit products:
Spurious products of sub-standard quality pose a threat not only to organized bearing sector but also to susceptible customers who buy such products, Counterfeit bearing products probably account for 20% to 30% of bearings sold in replacement market. Thus, the bearings sector seeks active measures to safeguard the companies as well as the consumers. The problems with the industry remain widespread but with support and cooperation of authorities the concerns can be met appropriately

Govt. Policies:
The policy initiatives in past few quarters are likely to result well for the bearing industry’s revenue growth going forward. With the teething issues of GST implementation already gone we believe robust policies including further push for ‘Make in India’ initiative can help industry grow further.

Q. What are the key technological trends that are driving the industry?

Bearings are also getting more sophisticated in terms of technology. We have seen the evolution of bearing technology from a normal ball bearing to latest sensor bearings and hybrid bearings. New trends in terms of materials such as graphite, ceramic, alloys are used extensively now, these materials provide flexibility to users and manufacturers based on special applications. Companies are streamlining the raw material in coherence with the market necessity leading to weight reduction, and more efficiency, reliability and safety. The bearings industry today is also working towards reducing the size of bearings and delivering more load bearing capacities.

Focus now also has increased on Industry 4.0 and predictive maintenance generating huge prospects for the component manufacturers

Q. How do you perceive the future of the industry?

Adoption of advanced technology solutions will be a key enabler for the industry to provide productivity benefits. The technological advancements can further open doors for newer designs; cleaner, lighter, and safer products, within shorter lead times and lower cost.

I feel industry future will revolve around adoption of smart bearings whose conditions can be monitored constantly to predict faults prior to occurrence to deliver higher reliability, nullify human errors and lower production cost.

Q. What is your vision for your company for near future?

My vision is to make Prime roll No.1 choice of our customers. We are committed towards providing best of products and services to our clients at the same time bringing in new developments in bearing technology. We want to become a knowledge partner for industries with our ‘out-of-the box’ thinking and technology partnerships.

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