MARUT AIR: Leading Industrial Ventilation Solution Provider


MarutAir’s Effective Ventilation for Productive WorkspaceAhmedabad-based Marut Air Systems is a trendsetter in industrial ventilation. Established in 2016, the company has its sprawling, state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in Ahmedabad.  Armed with a dedicated workforce of 100 people, majority of them engineers, the company chisels out an extensive range of huge HVLS fans which are highly energy efficient, while being rugged and long lasting. The company also makes exhaust fans, mobile fans and industrial coolers with the objective of offering holistic ventilation solutions at a reasonable price, discovers Engineering Review in an exclusive interview with Meet Patel, Director, Marut Air Systems Pvt. Ltd.  Excerpts:

Q. You are a renowned name in ventilation. What precisely is your niche?

Our acceptance towards the technology gives us a good place in ventilation. Continuous Research and Development has been an added advantage to it. Good Ventilation itself is a major concern today, especially in big premises like factories, warehouses, community halls, etc. The normal ventilation is not at all effective despite being costly. With the help of our new technology and innovation, we have been able to come up with products which are cost-effective and consume less power. The credit should also go to the hard working team for its relentless efforts.

Q. What’s the significance of proper ventilation in the industries? How does it contribute to productivity on the shop floors?

Ventilation is a major concern when it comes to the production area in the industry in big premises. As proper ventilation provides clean and healthy air for breathing and for maintaining the body temperature of the personnel, their comfort level goes up and there are less chances of human error. Research shows that when the body temperature goes beyond 40 degree C, the concentration on work goes and there are more chances of human error.

Talking about the contribution of ventilation system on shop floors, we can understand it with an example that when a person is working on a laptop in an area where there is no air-conditioning or proper air flow in hot summer, he finds it enervating. So think about the condition of the people who are working on the shop floor doing physical work.

Q. Could you narrate the genesis of Marut Air and its growth story?

As a student of Mechanical Engineering, I came across this issue that when there is no proper ventilation in the Industry, it affects the efficiency of the workmen. In a tropical country like India where the atmospheric temperature is high almost 70% of the year, ventilation issue is a big issue that brings fatigue to workmen very fast and brings down productivity. It eventually affects the turnover of the company. So, while searching for a solution for this problem, I could zero in on some ventilation products like HVLS Fans, Exhaust Fans, Air Coolers, Mobile Fans, etc. That’s how we came into this business line and became a provider of ventilation solutions.

Q. More than products, you are a solutions provider today. Could you elaborate?

Any single product can never be the only solution for this gigantic problem of ventilation. As per our range of products, the solution varies from industry to industry. For example, a fabrication shop requires a combination of HVLS fans and Exhaust Fans, whereas a Textile mill needs a combination of Air Coolers and Exhaust fans. It totally depends upon the nature of the premises and the manufacturing activity there. With a combination of different Marut Air products , you can have a good ventilation solution for big premises.

Q. Please shed some light on your customer base. Are you eyeing at exports?

Auto ancillary manufacturers like Motherson Group, Subros and others are our customers. We also have quite a few famous public institutions as our customers. These include the Terminal 2 of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport, Big Basket, Nykaa, Cares 24 and many more. We have already been exporting our products since last three years and our exports are growing from 45 to 60 % year on year. We are also aiming to be the largest exporter of ventilation products from India.

Q. May we have some idea of your production facilities and manufacturing excellence?

We have full-fledged manufacturing facilities in Ahmedabad. We believe in very precise production and quality control of our products. For certain operations like laser cutting to magnet, we do depend on our suppliers who are experts in those specific tasks. But soon we are planning to have a complete manufacturing set-up in-house. This is imminent as we are growing exponentially. But even for products which are outsourced at present, we have a stringent quality control regime both before and after production.

Q. Your business is highly service-oriented. What’s your service set-up and network?

With our experience spanning over eight years, backed by our constant research & development, we can say that Marut Air products are totally maintenance-free. We have made a very precise check point for service and periodic maintenance which we provide customer after the installation of the product for their ease. We also make frequent follow-up with customers after the installation and even visit for checking the product status. In case of any service issue, we have a service team that will attend to and resolve it within 48 to 72 hrs.

Q. What are the design features of your large industrial fans? What are their benefits to the end-user?

There is a paradigm shift in the technology we use today. We have moved to the Generation 3 motor of PMSM technology in HVLS Fans. By changing it from air cooled to liquid cooled, we have been able to enhance the performance of our Fans and extend their service life. By switching from thick blade to slandered design, and by using bearings which can withstand high temperatures, we have been able to step up the reliability and safety features of our fans.

As a result of our continuous R & D, we have been able to optimize the design features of our Air coolers, Exhausts and other products so as to make them more energy efficient so that our customers can save electricity and money throughout the long lifespan of our robust products.

Q. What are the growth prospects of Marut Air? And what measures do you take to maintain your leadership position?

Our thrust is on innovation all the time. Through continuous improvement, we are providing cost-effective solutions for ventilation. Our products are almost maintenance-free and we always strive to delight our customer. Customer delight is what will help us reach the zenith of success. As I mentioned earlier, we are on a growth path and our prospects are quite bright.

Q. What’s your vision for Marut Air? And where will you be five years hence?

We have a very clear vision and it is to provide cost-effective ventilation solutions to big premises which can reduce their power consumption drastically.

In the next five years we have plans to reach out and provide our products and solutions to all big and monumental premises. We believe in our products and capabilities. We know we can make a mark by offering better ventilation products and solutions which would bring substantial savings to our customers at large, and the nation.