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Pizzato Elettrica s.r.l. headquartered in Italy specializes in manufacturing a range of electromechanical switches for machinery and equipment used across a diverse array of industries like packaging, food and beverages, textiles, pharmaceuticals, woodworking, plastic machinery, metal & steel, automotive, material handling, warehouse automation and lift & elevator segment. Pizzato’s niche lies in the manufacturing of limit switches, machine safety devices and HMI components tailored for industrial applications, with a strong emphasis on serving a broad spectrum of industries in the global market. Engineering Review speaks to Dharmendra Singh Bhadouria, Country Manager-India, Pizzato to understand this global player from close quarters and its growth strategies for a burgeoning economy like India. Excerpts:

Q. Pizzato has been around close to four decades in the industrial firmament. What precisely is your niche?

Pizzato Elettrica s.r.l. specializes in manufacturing a range of electromechanical switches for machinery and equipment used across a diverse array of industries like packaging, food and beverages, textiles, pharmaceuticals, wood working, plastic machinery, metal & steel, automotive, material handling, warehouse automation and lift & elevator segment. This demonstrates our versatility and expertise in catering to several industrial sectors. Overall, Pizzato’s niche lies in the manufacturing of limit switches, machine safety devices and HMI components tailored for industrial applications, with a strong emphasis on serving a broad spectrum of industries in the global market.

Q. Your entire focus is on industrial safety. What are the various safety devices you make, and how comprehensive is your portfolio?

Pizzato Elettrica specializes in manufacturing a comprehensive range of safety devices for industrial applications, emphasizing industrial safety. Our portfolio encompasses a variety of safety components designed to ensure the protection of both machinery and operators. While the specific product offerings may evolve over time, based on the provided information and general awareness about industrial safety devices, In our portfolio we have Safety door interlock Switch, Safety Limit Switch, Safety Solenoid RFID switch, Safety Relay, Safety Controllers, Safety Handles, Safety Pull Cord Switch, Safety Hinge Switch, Magnetic Sensor, RFID Sensor, Control Stations with IO-link, Connection Gateway for safety Switch with Profibus, Emergency Stop switch, Two -hand control stations, etc.

Q. How do you instill quality and reliability in your safety products? Do tell us about your QC regime.

Being a reputed industrial Components manufacturer, Pizzato employs similar principles to maintain high-Quality standards, as follows:
Robust Design and Engineering
Pizzato Elettrica starts with a strong emphasis on robust and innovative product design and engineering. Products are designed to meet industry standards and specific customer requirements.

Material Selection
The selection of high-quality, durable, and reliable materials is crucial. Pizzato Elettrica sources materials that meet the required safety and performance criteria.

Adherence to Standards
Compliance with relevant national and international safety standards is a cornerstone of product quality. Pizzato is committed to meeting and exceeding these standards.

In-House Manufacturing and Quality Control
Manufacturing processes are conducted in-house and we have own Plastic Moulding plant and in-house SMT line, giving Pizzato Elettrica direct control over the production process. Rigorous quality control checks are integrated at every stage of manufacturing.

Testing and Validation
Stringent testing and validation procedures are in place to ensure that safety products meet specified performance and safety criteria. These tests include functional testing, endurance testing, environmental testing, and more.

Quality Assurance (QA) and Quality Control (QC) Teams
Dedicated QA and QC teams are responsible for ensuring that products meet predetermined quality standards. They conduct inspections, audits, and sample testing to validate quality.

Continuous Improvement
Pizzato Elettrica is committed to continuous improvement, seeking feedback from customers, conducting post-market analysis, and utilizing research and development to enhance product quality.

Customer Feedback and Satisfaction
Customer feedback and satisfaction are monitored and valued. Any reported issues or concerns are investigated and addressed promptly to improve products and processes.

Training and Skill Development
Employees involved in the manufacturing process are trained to adhere to established quality standards and procedures, emphasizing the importance of quality and safety.

Traceability and Documentation
Pizzato Elettrica maintains detailed records of the manufacturing process, enabling traceability and accountability for each product. Comprehensive documentation helps in auditing and improving processes.

Q. Please shed some light on your manufacturing facilities and infrastructural resources.

Being an entrepreneurial company, Pizzato has decided to have all manufacturing in Italy to have full control over Quality and faster delivery. We have total 3 production facilities, located at Marostica- Italy. We have in-house Electronics board assembly (2 SMT lines) and own Plastic molding facility (15 Plastic Injection molding machines). In 2019 we opened a new state-of-the-art Production facility (3rd Production Plant)with more than 25,000 square meters of usable space and represents a cutting-edge project in industrial production systems equipped with modern technology and advanced machineries. We have a fully automated warehouse management system for faster & efficient delivery.

Q. What’s your R & D set-up and your thrust in coming up with need-based and futuristic products?

We have a very good Research & Development set up in our Headquarters at Marostica. Every year we are investing 5% of our annual turnover in to R&D. Our R&D team is working to develop new products / features with latest technology according to market demand. We also do product customization as per customer needs.

Q. You say you offer technologically advanced solutions. So what are the trends in technology in your domain and how do you keep yourselves abreast of contemporary technologies?

The general trends in the technology in our range of products are available in the market with Fieldbus interface i.e. Ethernet / EtherCAT, Profibus / Profinet and IO-Link according to applications and customer demand. So, Pizzato understands the need of current increasing demand of technology based electromechanical products in the market and our Design and Development team is continuously working to introduce new products which meet the market needs. Pizzato also makes Safety devices based on IO-Link, Profinet / Profisafe technology.

A wide spectrum of Pizzato’s  innovative products
A wide spectrum of Pizzato’s innovative products

Q. Please enlighten us on your customer base. Do tell us about your reach and proximity to service your demanding customers.

Pizzato primarily operates as a manufacturer of industrial controls & automation and safety components, specializing in the production of Limit switches, Safety Switches, machine control & interface devices and devices for Lift & elevator industries. We are serving various industries i.e. Packaging, Pharma, Textiles, Plastic machines, Woodworking machines, Steel, Automotive, Food & Beverages, Material handling, Heavy industries, Pulp & Paper, Railways, etc. We have a very good customer base in all verticals and we are serving them through our wide sales and distribution channel network (400+) across the globe.

Q. We note that your goal is to offer market safe, reliable and innovative solutions. How do you apply this to the discerning Indian customer base?

Tailoring products, services, and strategies to resonate with the Indian customer base’s unique needs and preferences is essential for establishing a strong market presence and building lasting relationships with customers. We always prefer to work according to local market needs. Pizzato Elettrica is flexible to adopt and comply with local standards and safety regulations. While on the subject, the following key points are pertinent:

Understanding Local Needs and Regulations:
Adapting products and solutions to align with India’s specific industrial and safety regulations is crucial. India has its own set of compliance standards that companies must adhere to.

Affordability and Value for Money:
Offering cost-effective solutions without compromising on quality is significant in a price-sensitive market like India. Providing value for money is often a key consideration.

Robust After-Sales Support and Service Network: Establishing an efficient after-sales support system is critical. Indian customers often value timely and reliable service.

Education and Training:
Providing training programs and educational resources to customers to ensure safe and effective use of the products. This helps in building trust and establishing long-term relationships.

Partnerships and Alliances:
Collaborating with local distributors, integrators, or business partners who have a deep understanding of the Indian market can enhance market reach and credibility.

Technological Advancements and Innovation:
Introducing innovative products with the latest technology to meet the evolving needs of Indian industries and consumers.

Sustainability and Environmental Considerations:
Addressing environmental concerns by focusing on sustainable and eco-friendly solutions. This is increasingly important for environmentally conscious customers.

Q. What are your strategies for growth and enhanced market penetration in India?

Implementing a combination of the strategies listed below can aid in achieving sustainable growth and increased market penetration for Pizzato in India.
Market Research and Understanding:
Conduct in-depth market research to understand the Indian market, including customer preferences, behaviors, cultural values, and local regulations. introduced products and strategies accordingly.

Distribution Network Expansion:
Establish and expand a robust and efficient distribution network across key regions in India to ensure widespread availability of products.

Customer Education and Training :
Conduct workshops, Seminars, training programs, and Webinars to educate customers on the benefits and proper usage of products. This can help in building trust and ensuring effective adoption.

Strategic Marketing and Brand Building:
Implement targeted marketing campaigns, both digital and traditional, focusing on highlighting the unique value propositions of products and the brand. Building a strong brand image is vital for market penetration.

Digital Presence:
Establish a strong online presence on digital platforms to reach a broader customer base, especially given the increasing digital adoption in India.

Innovation and Technological Advancements:
Invest in research and development to continuously innovate and bring technologically advanced solutions to the Indian market, addressing evolving industry demands.

Compliance with Regulatory Standards:
Ensure compliance with all local laws and regulations, particularly those related to safety, quality, and import/export requirements.

Q. You are in a fiercely competitive environment. So what are your moves to maintain your competitive edge and leadership position?

Market Differentiation:
Develop unique value propositions that differentiate the company’s offerings from competitors. This could be in terms of product features, performance, pricing, customer service, or sustainability.

Customer-Centric Approach:
Focus on understanding and meeting customer needs and expectations. Listening to customer feedback and incorporating it into product development and service improvements can enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Agile and Adaptive Operations:
Maintain agility in responding to market changes and evolving customer demands. Being flexible and adaptable in operations allows for quick adjustments and improvements.

Continuous Innovation and R&D:
Invest significantly in research and development to stay ahead in terms of technology, product features, and quality. Continuous innovation ensures relevance and sets a company apart.

Strategic Partnerships and Alliances:
Collaborate with other industry leaders, startups, to enhance capabilities, expand market reach, and access complementary technologies.

Talent Development and Retention:
Invest in the skills and development of employees to ensure a competent and motivated workforce. Retaining top talent and nurturing a culture of innovation is critical for sustained success.

Efficient Supply Chain Management:
Optimize the supply chain to reduce costs, improve delivery times, and ensure product availability. A well-managed supply chain is essential for maintaining a competitive edge.

Global Expansion and Market Diversification:
Strategically enter new markets or diversify product offerings to reduce dependency on a single market or product line. A global presence helps in mitigating risks and broadening the customer base.

Brand Building and Marketing Excellence:
Invest in effective branding, marketing, and advertising to create a strong brand image and communicate the company’s value proposition to the target customers.

Data-Driven Decision Making:
Utilize data analytics and insights to make informed decisions regarding product development, marketing strategies, and operational improvements.

Risk Management and Scenario Planning:
Mitigate risks through thorough risk assessment and planning. Being prepared for various scenarios helps in making timely & effective decisions.

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