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Shreekant Patil, founder, the top brand in India PARENTNashik backed by manufacturer & exporter – Paramount Enterprises awarded for “Asia’s Leading Entrepreneur In Small Business India 2019” by International Business Magazine. The only independent global business awards program judged each year by prominent editors and reporters from top-tier publications from around the world.

Shreekant Patil, a young, highly motivated entrepreneur helps businesses internationally proving the best manufacturing services since 2004 and focused on maintaining the best international quality with minimum price. He has been recognized in Europe, the USA, and India as well for his efforts towards manufacturing industries. His company, PARENTNashik manufacturer’s resistance welding consumables and exports to Europe, the USA for a decade. Shreekant has inspirable entrepreneur journey. Now his wife, Sneha Patil is looking after manufacturing activities helping Shreekant to grow business across the globe.

At Paramount Enterprises with brand PARENTNashik, he says, “I’m here to help customer’s welding consumables related problem, support them at their crucial time. I developed more than 300+ parts in copper alloy & other material with low-cost manufacturing techniques with world-class quality. My dream was to supply WeldParts to world’s #No 1 car manufacturer, which is fulfilled in 2014”

Shreekant Patil, the passionate entrepreneur, determined with a positive vision, goal having leadership quality to lead in the market, initiate to take big risks from the beginning. Tremendous willingness to learn new techniques, about digital marketing, passionate about developing new products at a low cost.

Shreekant Patil earned his Bachelor’s Degree – B.Eng. (Electrical) in 1994 from Amravati University. He diversified in the mechanical field & developed himself up to the mark. He has made a measurable impact over the past 13 years as a passionate engineer for all those needs the help of resistance spot welding with spot welding shank, projection & seam welding consumables.

He also founded his own mechanical component manufacturing company diversified from the electrical field in Nashik (India) Specialty in 3D busbar, Cold Forging, Bending Copper Parts. Expert on Internet – digital marketing. Never visited any of the countries and making business more than 8+ countries (Europe and USA) Views – In the 21st century, the world become so small due to globalization and advance technology. Young people must take advantage of this to join other countries, learn, teach, make business, and love them so many things’ to be done in a very small life.

Innovative Approach

When Shreekant has started a company in 2004 with a small number of funds, there was a big problem with marketing expenses. Then at that time, he started marketing on internet, sending letters, catalog, new development on products, use of his products & many more, sharing knowledge with customers by writing letter & sending by email, at that time social media was not popular, but he use to talk on Google talk & other media which were available. His approach to marketing was quite innovative at that time, low-cost marketing he achieved and got pretty good orders from Ashok Leyland, Tata Motors, JBM, Caparo group, etc. And secondly, every time even after receipt of orders, he did R & D inhouse, to make products at low cost using different engineering techniques. For example, if one product he is selling at Rs.100, where the raw material is used for Rs.60.000.

In 2004, Mr.Shreekant Patil, who is a qualified graduate engineer but having tremendous confidence, vast knowledge of resistance welding consumables, spot welding gun, robotics, manufacturing, engineering, product development, marketing and determined about his business, started Paramount Enterprises business with a little amount of fund in the pocket. Then few bankers have kept faith in Shreekant’s confidence, project s & determination they helped him a lot to set his business. Initially, Shreekant had very big trouble to get orders from customers, then he started helping & support customers to their problems in the resistance welding area until 2 years.

Slowly, Shreekant added conventionally machined to the production line at Paramount to cater to his products. Developed people from different areas at his works, shared his knowledge, taking care of them & their family, stands with them friendly which results, his front office, engineering team, the production team are serving to Paramount for a decade with love. After setting up production line & awarded with ISO certification for quality standards, Shreekant upgraded new technology machines like CNC, VMC, Press, EDM to enhance productivity to able to cater customers timely delivery with quality. Inspiration – Paramount Enterprises has tied up with one of the leading companies in the United Kingdom, who cater products all over Europe & UK especially Bentley, Ford, Honda, General motors, etc. Early days, they were used to procure resistance welding parts from China, unfortunately, they had a bad patch due to poor quality supplied by their China partner. Then they approached Paramount Enterprises for better quality and asked if Paramount can match prices too.

Mr.Shreekant has then decided to make such a product with a minimum price to match China’s price with excellent quality which especially European companies prefer. Much hard work, devotion, he developed such a product and supplied it to his customer in UK initially. In little time, the product has been approved by most of the customer in the UK. Presently Paramount makes business with a partner in UK- almost – 20 Million US dollars every year. Europe’s customer is now planned to double business with Paramount next year. Products – Resistance welding consumables, spares: Spot welding electrodes, spot welding shank, spot welding gun arm, robotic welding holders, projection welding electrodes, elkonite electrodes, seam welding wheels, machined parts for spot welding robotic welding, 3D busbar.

Entrepreneur Spirit

Shreekant Patil, the passionate entrepreneur, determined with a positive vision, goal having leadership quality to lead in the market, initiate to take big risks from the beginning. Tremendous willingness to learn new techniques, about digital marketing, passionate about developing new products at a low cost. Due to his willingness of learning, in spite he has done his education in electrical engineering, he started a business in mechanical parts and focused on quality, timely delivery, and marketing (low cost means digital marketing which he started since 2004).

He met most of the CEO in industries and tried to learn new things, about the market, worked on digital marketing and spread his business to 8 – 10 countries without visiting any country yet, that the beauty. He conducts training programs for his workforce and college students teach them digital marketing, skill developments and share his all knowledge. He follows that you build people, people build your business and sharing is caring; what he did since beginning. Recently he got officially graduation certificate from Google on successful completion of a digital marketing course.

First, Shreekant has big goal since beginning to cater his products to all over the world, but initially any entrepreneur does not have money like he doesn’t so he adapted low-cost marketing strategy that digital marketing which he learns from Google spending hours without sleep and implemented in his business, which he knew, this digital marketing would be the need of next decade, so this results after 3 years, he got first international order and then he never stopped spread to the USA, Middle East, Asian countries and EUROPE. Now he has focused on Russia, where he is meeting few customers in Mumbai shortly. So final talk, digital marketing, this changed way of working and made successful.

Regarding finance, PARENTNashik is very determined to follow a rule, make a low-cost product with the best quality and timely delivery anywhere on the globe. Keeping low expenses, monitoring every month, this yield company every year growth of 20 to 50% on overall growth. As said earlier, the company started from Rs.10, 000 bucks without taking any financial support from any banks. Made credibility in the market, with customers and then with bankers. This helped the company now; HDFC bank is a financial partner and helping for required funds without collateral. PARENTNashik is an open-minded company, ready to learn new things, implemented that makes the company different from other SME. PARENT supports CSR activities. The company makes cultural programs, family get-together, encourage the workforce and their children, this makes everybody successful and thus company.

Shreekant Patil takes opportunities to share his vast experience with students visiting nearby colleges, helping to make more entrepreneurship for new India, startups, small business to scale up the business to the international level. In due time, Shreekant writes quick notes and key points in his internet column, mentor entrepreneurs all over the world using the internet. Shreekant has made his success by his devotion, consistency and hardworking towards the goal and put his footprints on the international map.

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