The legacy of precision with perfection – CARL ZEISS


Q. You being the industry leader in measurement technology for many industries, please brief us about company’s global reach & latest initiatives?

Carl Zeiss is headquartered in Oberkochen, Germany. We believe in bringing the latest technology and innovation in the Quality measurement space. Some of the key initiatives from our side are solutions to the industry in Optical, X ray & non-contact measurements, Industry 4.0 solutions and integrating quality measurements in shop floor.

Q. What are the exclusive products which your company offers to various industries? How do you plan to position these services?

Some of our offering to the industry are Contact measurement machines – Co-ordinate Measurement Machine (CMM), Surface and Form measurement.

Non-Contact measurement machines – Optical solutions, Microscopy, Industrial X-Ray, 3 D scanners and Industry 4.0 solutions.

We also offer measurement services for the industry from our Quality Excellence Centres in Bangalore, Pune, Chennai, Coimbatore and New Delhi.

We are the only company in the industry to have this wide spectrum of solutions under one brand and we want to position ourselves are a one stop solution provider to the industry.

Q. What are the new products launched recently?

We have launched new CONTURA series of CMM, METROTOM 1 X-Ray machine and Form measurement Solutions to the bearing industry.

Q. How does these products will cater the demand in the industry?

CONTURA augments extremely well in the traditional metrology measurement with all the latest technology inbuilt. METROTOM 1 is the CT X-Ray machine for the plastic industry for non-destructive measurement, failure analysis and reverse engineering. Roundness, Surface and contour measurement meet the ultra-precision requirements of the bearing industry.

Apart from these products, we have solutions for the Electric Vehicle components like Cell, Battery packs, Tray, E motor and Transmission parts. Our experts in the Quality Excellence Centres will address any challenges in measurement and give the optimum solution.

Q. As per your opinion, what are the technology transformations in industries took place that leads to dire need of measurement products among the manufacturers?

Quality has no compromise. Under the Make in India initiative there are several investments happening in India and if we have to meet the customer expectation and be competitive in the Global environment the industry has to get it right the first time and maintain consistency in our product quality. This necessitates the industry to have the best measurement solutions to stabilize their manufacturing process, increase productivity and reduce product rejections.

Q. What are your future plans to maintain substantial market positioning in measurement business?

As explained, we want to position ZEISS as a one stop solution provider in the Metrology space providing end to end solutions. Our Quality Excellence centres help the industry for product development and quick measurement needs. We continue to bring innovative solutions to India to cater the challenges that will be faced by industries like Auto components, Electric Vehicle, Battery manufacturing, E motor, Aerospace, Electronics, Additive, Medical implants, Wind, Bearing, Plastic, Casting and other Engineering industries. Our endeavor is to drive and make the MSME sector in India to invest in quality so that they become competitive in the Global markets.

Q. What are your plans for your company to maintain trailblazer position in measurement business?

Apart from bringing the Innovative Quality solutions to the market, we also will invest in increasing the India Manufacturing footprint, increase our Digital connect with customers in service offerings. We continue to invest in our Quality Excellence Centres to bring the latest technology from our Global innovations so that our customers can make use of these services.

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