At the forefront of crafting excellence under the ‘Make in India’ initiative

Article by – P.K. Balasubramanian


When we talk of Renmakch India, we cannot help connecting the history of the company to modernization of the Indian Railways. Time was when dismantling, assembly, material handling, inspection and allied activities in railway workshops took considerable time. Young Neelesh Dixit who passed out of Father Agnel, Mumbai with a Degree in Mechanical Engineering in 1996 found a business opportunity in mechanization and automation of maintenance activities in the railway depots. He explored all over the world and scouted for contemporary technologies from Germany, the Netherlands, Denmark, Switzerland, Italy UK and Japan for depot equipment and integrated solutions for maintenance of trains and RS components, for testing of train components, and for providing technical services for installation, commissioning, and for rendering DLP and AMCs. That’s history.

By 1999, Renmakch developed full-fledged capabilities to repair and recondition undercarriages, and troubleshooting in railway depots. In 2011, Renmakch got a contract for converting the propulsion system from DC to AC in 20 trains. This World Bank funded project was a turning point for Renmakch. The company could accomplish this task in collaboration with its partners in a matter of 18 months!

High End Technology Solutions

Today, Renmakch specializes in providing high-end technology solutions for maintenance & testing infrastructure for rolling stock manufacturing and upkeep with premium quality machinery and plants, innovative and reliable shop floor solutions for maintenance and inspection, and providing comprehensive after-sales service as well as AMCs.

The company provides ‘Make in India’ support to quite a few overseas companies, and has been manufacturing equipment like Mobile Lifting Jacks, Bogie Turn Tables, Multipurpose Work Stations, Roof Working Platforms, Battery Operated Rail-cum-Road Shunters, Pit Jacks, Bogie Testing Machines and so on as per European design and quality standards under joint ventures involving transfer of technology. The company is exploring more and more ’Make in India’ associations in the industry.

Renmakch also undertakes complete turnkey projects involving depot planning, design, depot equipment manufacturing & supplies, installation, commissioning, training, DLP services, and post-warranty annual maintenance contracts including bid management. Recently Renmakch has also started manufacturing rolling stock components.

Global Partners

“We have a shareholding of Yashima & Co., Japan, which makes us an eligible Japanese supplier in all Japan International Co-operation Agency (JICA) funded tied-up loan projects. We also strongly support Yashima in all their technical contractual obligations of Depot M & P Contracts in the South-East Asian region,” reveals Neelesh Dixit, Managing Director, Renmakch India which is in the vanguard of high-tech manufacturing by virtue of its engineering prowess, vast experience and resourcefulness.

Renmakch has associated with Godrej for joint participation in turnkey and package depot equipment projects, directly or indirectly, including sharing of each other’s manufacturing capacities.

Renmakch has a separate vertical for manufacturing cost-effective and high performance, precision fabricated components for diverse industries including aerospace and automotive. The company has expertise in meeting complex geometries, tight tolerances and different materials.

Sprawling Manufacturing Facilities

Renmackh : Sprawling Manufacturing Facilities

“Renmakch’s state-of-the-art, sprawling manufacturing facilities at Atgaon near Mumbai, manned by a dedicated workforce, are equipped with cutting-edge technology and modern machinery for manufacturing, fabrication, inspection and handling. It has best-in-class infrastructure for design, manufacture, assembly and supply of customized mobile lifting jacks, turn tables, battery operated shunters, load testing machines, etc. to mention just a few. The company also provides rail, wheel & switch rail profile measuring systems. Rigorous quality control measures are embedded in the processes to guarantee that every product leaving our facilities adheres to the highest industry standards,” reiterates Dixit.

Railways have indeed come a long way attaining sophistication, speed and efficacy for the comfort and convenience of passengers. The introduction of ‘Vande Bharat’ trains with self-propelled engines, high speed and automatic door closures are engineering marvels in motion.

Renmakch is a sales and service partner to all major metros with post-warranty AMCs.

The Govt. of India’s ‘Make in India’ initiative has given a big boost to MSMEs to acquire latest technology and harness it for indigenous production. It has given a new fillip to the manufacturing sector, states Neelesh Dixit whose company has won several awards for innovations including the ‘Railway Analysis Award’.

Renmakch has a tie-up with Logo’s of Russia to manufacture Simulators for Driver Training. The company gives training in driving and maintenance from different centers. The duration of each course is 6-12 weeks. There are different modules. Road Transports, Railways, Metros, individual Truck Drivers, RTOs, etc. are availing this intensive training using simulators. Renmakch is also tying up with Skill India for imparting training to aspiring candidates.

An ISO 9001-2015 company, Renmakch has three new verticals today:
Components Manufacturing on Contract, Reconditioning of Machine Tools, and Export of Fabricated Parts, Equipment & Assemblies. Each is a profit center.

Several Firsts

Renmakch has several firsts to its credit such as sophisticated mobile lifting jacks, underfloor lifting systems, bogie turntables, battery operated shunters, coach spring testing machines and so on. By virtue of its association for decades, Renmakch has become an experienced, trusted and reliable partner for railways, metros and high speed rail. “In the last 1 ½ years we have supplied something like 160 mobile lifting jacks to the railways,” recounts Dixit.

Dixit prides himself in having global leaders like Yashima, Niteq, Ferraris, DMD, Neuero, Nencki, MiniProf and Holmatro as partners. “This is one reason why we are able to chisel out products of the same European or Japanese quality here,” he adds. “All said and done, our business is also not without challenges,” explains Dixit. “One major challenge is availability of steel in India. The steel profiles are different here. Delivery is also not as prompt as expected. Despite these, we are able to keep the price lines and keep our customers delighted,” he elucidates.

Renmakch has ambitious growth plans. It has done its homework to enhance its turnover to manifold in the next few years. “India is on a growth trajectory and is upgrading. The Govt. is giving a boost to infrastructure and all-round development. The introduction of ‘Vande Bharat’ trains and more and more metros is a testimony to this growth story. All this is good news for companies like us who are known for our core competencies, international linkages, wherewithal, and commitment to high quality manufacturing, providing bespoke solutions to the customer,” says Dixit in quiet optimism.


From precision engineered industrial machinery to cutting-edge railway depot equipment, component manufacturing, and bespoke custom solutions, Renmakch delivers excellence in every project

Renmakch offers a diverse range of specialized services including machine reconditioning, annual maintenance contracts (AMC), spare parts provisioning and precision calibration services for railways.

Training Solutions:
Renmakch in collaboration with LOGOS, Russia, manufactures cutting- edge Driver Training Simulators for Metro Rail, Urban Transport, and specialized vehicles such as Belaz Mining Truck, Timber Harvesting Vehicle, etc.

Product Sales:
Renmakch offers a wide range of calibration products for sale featuring MiniProf solutions tailored for railway applications such as MiniProf BT for Rail, Wheel, Brakes, and Twin Head calibration systems.