Renmakch – A Reliable Partner For Railways, Metros & High Speed Rail


Established in 1996, Renmakch is an Indian company based in Thane, Mumbai and a renowned manufacturer of workshop equipment, and provider of comprehensive solutions for the railways, metros and high speed rail.

Renmakch India Pvt. Ltd., headed by Neelesh Dixit, a veteran mechanical engineer, specializes in providing high-end technology solutions for maintenance & testing infrastructure for rolling stock manufacturing and upkeep with premium quality machinery and plants, innovative and reliable shop floor solutions for maintenance comprising dismantling, assembly, material handling; inspection including wheel & rail profile measuring systems; and providing after-sales service as well as comprehensive maintenance solutions.

Renmakch provides ‘Make in India’ support to quite a few overseas companies, and has been manufacturing equipment like Mobile Lifting Jacks, Bogie Turn Tables, Multipurpose Work Stations, Roof Working Platforms, Battery Operated Rail-cum-Road Shunters, Pit Jacks, Bogie Testing Machines and so on as per European design and quality standards under joint ventures involving transfer of technology. The company is exploring more and more ’Make in India’ associations in the industry.

Renmakch also undertakes complete turnkey projects involving depot planning, design, depot equipment manufacturing & supplies, installation, commissioning, training, DLP services, and post-warranty annual maintenance contacts including bid management. Recently Renmakch has also started manufacturing rolling stock components.

“We have a shareholding of Yashima & Co., Japan, which makes us an eligible Japanese supplier in all Japan International Co-operation Agency (JICA) funded tied-up loan projects. We also strongly support Yashima in all their technical contractual obligations of Depot M & P Contracts in the South-East Asian region,” reveals Neelesh Dixit, Managing Director, Renmakch India which is in the vanguard of high-tech manufacturing by virtue of its engineering prowess, vast experience and resourcefulness.

Renmakch has associated with Godrej for joint participation in turnkey and package depot equipment projects, directly or indirectly, including sharing of each other’s manufacturing capacities.

Renmakch has a separate vertical for manufacturing cost-effective and high performance, precision fabricated components for diverse industries including aerospace and automotive. The company has expertise in meeting complex geometries, tight tolerances and different materials.

“Renmakch’s state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities near Mumbai are equipped with cutting-edge technology and modern machinery for manufacturing and fabrication. Rigorous quality control measures are embedded in the processes to guarantee that every product leaving our facilities adheres to the highest industry standards,” reiterates Dixit.

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