DesignTech dental 3D printers


In an industry where precision, accuracy and a more streamlined workflow is critical, Stratasys 3D Printing Solutions offer dentists, dental laboratories and dental manufacturers the ability to work faster and cheaper through a more predictable, customized workflow.

Improve clinical outcomes with the highest level of realism using multi-material implant models. Stratasys dental solutions are ideal for creating implant models that mimic gum textures and color. Get reliability and the ability to print complex geometries with accurate detail visualization, perfect for strong, accurate and durable models.

Advance patient outcomes by making optimal decisions for every surgery with 3D printed dental guides. Replicate real-life conditions and produce customized tools,  improving surgical planning, which minimizes patient discomfort and speeds up recovery. Produce patient-specific models and end-use oral fixtures in very fine detail with smooth surfaces, enabling better procedures and outcomes.

Stratasys Dental Series 3D Printers


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