Ravikumar Patil, National Manager – Additive Manufacturing, Designtech Systems Pvt. Ltd.

Helping the manufacturing sector leverage latest technologies for faster and better product development


Helping the manufacturing sector leverage latest technologies for faster and better product development

DesignTech Systems is a leading Electro-mechanical product development technologies and services provider in India. Since its inception in 1998 the company has been working with the engineering and manufacturing industry in India, helping them adopt and leverage latest technologies for faster and better product development. “Today we are helping companies implement digital transformation for overall efficiency and productivity enhancement. With more than 700 engineers working with us, our aim is to work with the manufacturing and MSMEs in India helping them match the global standards of engineering and product development excellence through application of modern technologies and services that generate highest ROI. May it be 3D Modelling or CAD in the late 90s, advance CAE and product design analysis solutions, 3D Printing for product validation and production, to adopting XR or AR, VR and MR experiences for enhanced product communication, DesignTech has always stayed in sync with the changing technological landscape, and built our own capabilities to aid companies in leveraging modern technologies and services for sustainable growth and success.

Helping the manufacturing sector upscale its capabilities

In line with our motto of helping manufacturing sector here update and upscale their capabilities for sustained growth and competitiveness, DesignTech is at the forefront in Providing 3D printing solutions across the industry. The Indian manufacturing industry is gradually maturing in adoption of Additive Manufacturing.

Gone are the days when 3D Printing was restricted to prototyping applications of product design validation for fit, form and functional testing. Today 3D Printing has evolved much greater and beyond that. The large scale Industrial Printers from world leading 3D Printing solutions companies, offering a wide variety of certified materials are helping product design and manufacturing companies produce large, strong and robust parts for end-use applications. Without the constraint of tools, AM has allowed designers to think out of box, creating free form designs which are cost and time effective, and at the same time enhance the efficiency of the part. This has helped AM make inroads on the manufacturing shop floor. DesignTech has helped companies’ 3D print specialized jigs, and fixtures using composites and carbon fibre materials, ultimately saving more than 50% in cost and 75% in time.

It wouldn’t be wrong in saying that Additive Manufacturing is revolutionizing the way products are designed, validated, and manufactured, thus touching every stage of product lifecycle, and has transformed the way products are built to perform..

DesignTech have customers from all the leading manufacturing industries such as Automotive, Consumer Appliances, Industrial Machinery, to Hospitals and Medical Device Manufacturers. It has worked closely with all its customers and ensured that the latter derive maximum benefits from their investment in a 3D Printer. Additive Manufacturing or 3D Printing has now become an integral part of their product development process and strategy, and its usage is only going to grow and evolve with time.

Helping MSMEs foster innovation

At DesignTech, our vision is to help the Indian Manufacturing Industry, especially MSMEs, foster innovation and remain competitive as per the changing manufacturing dynamics and scenario. It is now imperative for the companies here to adapt and implement new and proven technologies and processes that can help them reap the benefits of greater productivity, better output, and increased overall efficiency. DesignTech has been a pioneer and was formed with an objective to bring new technologies to Indian industry for growth and sustainability. May it be 3D modelling or CAD technologies of the late 90s, product design simulation solutions, additive manufacturing, to digital transformation of today, the company has always comprehended the imminent changes and built its capabilities to support the Indian industry to achieve more and stay ahead.

Sustainable manufacturing practices involve staying in sync with the changing times. We cannot expect the efficiency of industry 4.0 technologies when we are using the processes that are more than a decade old. It’s like expecting the productivity of a computer with a typewriter. Today the global industry is already talking about industry 5.0 when in India we have only just begun to understand and implement digitalization in a few areas of manufacturing and product development.

With Digital twin, which is an exact digital replica of a physical product, companies can evaluate product performance and analyse designs aesthetically, or for optimization to its minutest details, to build a product that matches your ideal vision and objectives. With XR i.e. AR, VR, or MR simulations, you can create digital, interactive, and immersive product experiences to share the product content in the most engaging and superlative formats.

Innovations in all fronts

Going further, the industry is now talking about Metaverse for better collaboration and communication between teams for higher efficiency. This will touch the manufacturing industry as well. At DesignTech the company has forayed into developing XR experiences for industries ranging from Manufacturing, to retail.

“With 3D Printing, companies can build final parts for end-use applications while maintaining the structural integrity and functional superiority. The companies can thus save significant time and costs of production to enter the market early with a product that excels at all the levels of aesthetics, performance and robustness. 3D printing is fast becoming a preferred production alternative for companies to build specialized final parts,” notes Ravikumar.

“Innovation is thus happening on all the fronts in Manufacturing, may it be at the level of technology, processes, or even Vision, which is only limited by our imagination. At DesignTech we will continue to help and support companies harness and leverage the full potential of product development technologies and services, to step into the future with confidence, promise and opportunity for growth and success” underlines Ravikumar.


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