Diamondspark: New range of seamless cored wires


Diamondspark by Böhler Welding covers a full range of premium seamless cored wires. It is fabricated for a new area in high duty cycle welding in mechanized and robotic applications to match the needs of demanding applications. Diamondspark seamless cored wires are today’s best available choice for welding applications with most stringent  requirements for productivity, safety and weld quality, such as in robotic serial manufacturing and mechanized welding, of high integrity components in demanding industries, perfect for high and ultra- high strength steel welding, and for hydrogen critical applications.

With our Diamondspark product range we offer highest quality wires manufactured in Europe – from seamless tubular to the brand new laser sealed types: premium seamless cored wires. Especially their exceptional product features make the Diamondspark wires the future of seamless cored wires. With these two diamondspark wires “BÖHLER HL 53 T-MC” and “BÖHLER Ti 60 T-FD SR” Böhler Welding offers a perfect match for welding in the offshore industry.

Typical applications in offshore fabrication are:

• Constructions requiring stress relieve treatment
• Vessels
• Receivers
The diamondspark wire BÖHLER HL 53 T-MC is an all-positional metal-cored wire for welding high strength steel. It is a precision spooling wire with 100% copper coated surface and is ideal for root pass welding in offshore applications.

The Benefits of BÖHLER HL 53 T-MC are:

• No deformations during the feeding
• Low-hydrogen weld metal
• Conform to NACE requirements
• Low spatter emission
• Smooth wetting
• Full penetration guarantee
• Very stable short arc performance

The diamondspark wire BÖHLER Ti 60 T-FD SR is an all-positional rutile flux-cored wire for welding high strength steel with stress relieve requirements. Used in fill and cap application, it works perfectly together with the BÖHLER HL 53 T-MC.

The Benefits of BÖHLER Ti 60 T-FD SR are:

• Self-releasing slag
• Stable arc-with no spatter emission
• Hydrogen crack resistant
• Easy arc setting
• No starting defects
• Less downtime for maintenance
• Excellent feeding

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