Exor: Supremacy in cloud & HMI automation solutions


Exor International S.p.A. is a global manufacturer of HMI and HMI with control solutions, focused on enhancing the user experience. With a legacy of excellence in its domain spanning over five decades, Exor has been at the forefront of HMI programming software and hardware development, offering innovative solutions to customers the world over. Exor India based in Navi Mumbai, has been selling total HMI solutions in the Indian market since 2003. In this interaction with Engineering Review, the company sheds light on its innovative spirit and its differentiated offerings of cutting-edge digital solutions. The company will display a wide array of its high-end products at AUTOMTION 23. Excerpts from the interview:

Q. Please give an overview of Exor and its activities and offerings.

Exor International S.p.A. is a global manufacturer of Human-Machine Interface (HMI) and HMI with Control solutions, focused on enhancing the user experience. With over 50 years of experience and founded in 1971, Exor has been at the forefront of HMI programming software and hardware development, offering high-quality, innovative, and visually appealing HMI solutions.

Exor’s flagship offer is the JMobile Configuration Software, JSmart Series, eX700 IIoT Controller and eSMART Series, which form the world’s largest family of HMI solutions for factory, building, marine automation, and harsh environments. JMobile, in conjunction with Exor’s decades of manufacturing excellence, provides flexibility, connectivity, and portability, enabling secure control and data access from any device, anywhere, through web and network-enabled HMI solutions.

As Exor India, the company has been selling total HMI solutions in the Indian market since 2003, based in Vashi, Navi Mumbai. Exor India takes pride in serving customers throughout India with committed delivery schedules and efficient technical support services.

Q. What’s your niche in automation, say in manufacturing?

Exor International is indeed a global manufacturer of Human-Machine Interface (HMI), HMI with Control solutions, cloud solution provider. Exor’s niche in automation is related to providing advanced HMI technologies and control solutions to various industries. Some of the products and solutions offered by Exor India include:

  1. eX700M Series: A new generation of all-in-one HMI devices with a powerful 64-bit Quad-Core CPU, high-resolution display, multi-touch screen, and advanced connectivity options. These devices support Linux and various industrial protocols.
  2. JSmart700M Series: A multi-function HMI series featuring a modern design, high-performance processor, capacitive touch screen. These devices run JMobile software, a comprehensive suite of tools for creating and managing HMI applications.
  3. CORVINA Cloud: An open industrial IoT cloud platform that facilitates secure data collection, storage, analysis, and visualization from any internet-connected device. CORVINA Cloud also offers remote management and maintenance features for HMI plus end nodes.
  4. X5 Wireless: A wireless safety solution to monitor and control industrial machines and processes. The X5 Wireless Mobile HMI is a compact and lightweight device with an ergonomic design. Wireless connection with SIL3 certification for safety devices makes this product the ideal solution for industrial applications.

Exor Team

Q. What’s your SOM technology all about?

Exor Embedded is a division of Exor International, a company that provides solutions for building, factory and marine automation. Exor Embedded specializes in embedded computer systems based on ARM, x86 and FPGA architectures. These systems are used in many different professional environments, such as industrial control, robotics, automotive, medical, and aerospace.

Exor Embedded offers a range of products and services, such as:

  • System on Module (SOM): These are small modules that contain a processor, memory, power management, and peripherals. They can be easily integrated into custom boards or devices.
    Development Kits: These are kits that include a SOM, a carrier board, a display, and a touch panel. They allow customers to start developing software and applications for their embedded systems right away.
  • OpenHMI Kit: These are open-frame or semi-assembled carrier boards that consist of a nanoSOM connected to a display and touch. They are designed for human-machine interface (HMI) applications and can be integrated into customers’ products.
  • UltiEVC: This is an enhanced video controller FPGA IP core that can be used to implement versatile and powerful display control, graphics and video applications. It supports multiple video inputs and outputs, scaling, rotation, blending, overlaying, and more.
  • JMSoC: This is a system on chip that integrates a lot of system components into a single silicon chip. It includes an application processor, memory, power management circuits, and various peripherals. It also supports new time-sensitive networking (TSN) mechanisms for real-time communication.

Exor Embedded aims to provide its customers with know-how and expertise in the areas of electronic system development, system integration, and production of final electronic products. It also offers support for protocol integration and cloud connectivity. Exor Embedded claims to reduce the time to market and the risk of new product design by leveraging its multiyear experience and flexible solutions.

Q. How do embedded solutions help in Industry 4.0 implementation?

Exor’s embedded solutions are helping in Industry 4.0 implementation by providing powerful, flexible, and customizable systems that can connect, control, and communicate with various devices and applications in the industrial domain. Some of the benefits of Exor’s embedded solutions are:

  1. Enable the development of smart and connected products that can collect, process, and transmit data in real-time, improving efficiency, quality, and safety.
  2. Support the integration of cloud and edge computing, allowing for data analysis, optimization, and decision making at different levels of the system.
  3. Offer a wide range of system on modules (SOMs), development kits, openHMI kits, and FPGA IP cores that can be tailored to the specific needs and requirements of each customer and project.
  4. Leverage the latest technologies such as 5G, AI, TSN, and IoT to enable new capabilities and functionalities for industrial applications.
  5. Reduce the time to market and the risk of new product design by offering know-how and expertise in electronic system development, system integration, and production of final electronic products.

Q. How do you help smart factories through digitalization?

Exor has built a smart factory in Verona, Italy, that showcases the operational benefits of digitalization, such as autonomous human resources scheduling, real-time order status updates, and factory intelligence. The smart factory also features a 5G lab where manufacturers can explore how to build private wireless networks and integrate with existing solutions.

Exor helps smart factories through digitalization by providing solutions that enable the integration of various devices and applications in the industrial domain, using technologies such as 5G, AI, IoT, and cloud computing. By leveraging these technologies, Exor is able to provide manufacturers with real-time data and insights that can help them optimize their operations and improve efficiency. For example, Exor’s CORVINA IoT platform seamlessly integrates with other business systems like ERP, CRM, and MES to provide manufacturers with a comprehensive view of their operations.

Exor Product

Q. Tell us a little bit about your CORVINA Cloud software.

CORVINA is a group company of Exor International.
CORVINA offers Servitization and Digitization solutions through its IoT Platform. Digitization applications use mathematical models to optimize production processes and seize new business opportunities. Their data collection platform enables advanced AI and machine learning, driving innovation and efficiency. With a focus on data and expertise, CORVINA creates value, fosters innovation, and provides adaptable solutions with specialized edge devices for different sectors.

Q. What are the latest advances in wireless technology?

5G and Wi-Fi 6.0 are transforming the industrial sector, enabling enhanced communication speed and reliability within the shop floor. Leveraging 5G’s modular approach, manufacturers can scale up networking requirements easily and cost-effectively, accommodating the increasing use of smart devices in IoT frameworks. Wi-Fi 6.0 complements 5G, ensuring deterministic wireless networking critical for Industrie 4.0 applications.

Q. What are your growth strategies, and which are your growth markets?

Exor India’s growth strategies include market expansion, product innovation, strategic partnerships, customer focus, and digital transformation. We are targeting new geographic regions and industries to reach untapped customers and increase market share. Our HO is continuously developing cutting-edge HMI and cloud solutions to stand out from competitors. We are collaborating with other companies for access to new distribution and integration channels. We are aligning products with specific customer needs to enhance satisfaction and loyalty. We are embracing digital technologies for improved efficiency and customer service.

Exor India has identified several potential growth markets including industrial automation, IoT and IIoT, smart cities, healthcare automation, and renewable energy. There is a growing demand for automation solutions in manufacturing and robotics. There are opportunities in smart and connected devices integration. Applications in building automation and infrastructure projects. Providing HMI & cloud solutions for medical equipment and healthcare automation. Monitoring and controlling solutions for clean energy systems.

Q. What’s new that you are going to showcase at Automation Expo 23?

We will showcase CORVINA, our incredibly versatile and adaptable IoT platform that seamlessly integrates with other business systems like ERP, CRM, and MES. We’ll also be presenting Exor’s top-notch HMI and IIoT Gateway products at the event.